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Your Guide To Dog Training Courses

Your Guide To Dog Training Courses

Training your dog can play a crucial role in helping him lead a happy and healthy life. However, since there are different types of dog training courses, each one offering something different from the other, choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult. To know your options, take a look at some of these dog training courses listed in this guide below.

Puppy Preschool

If you have a puppy who is about six weeks to five months old, a puppy preschool would be an ideal type of dog training course for your dog. The duration of a puppy school classes is usually about six to eight weeks. In this type of dog training sessions, your puppy is taught how to stay in a place and obey commands to sit down and how to come. Additionally, the puppies are also trained to socialize with other puppies and with people.

Basic Dog Training

If your canine is about five months old, choosing the second type of dog training course known as basic dog training would be a great option. In this basic course, your dog will not only be taught the art of walking on the leash properly but also learn to obey commands like come, go, sit and stay. The duration of this type of training classes is usually about 8- 10 weeks.

Intermediate Training Course

Another type of training course for dogs is the intermediate training course. In this type of dog training, dogs are taught almost the same things as the basic training course but in a more detailed form. The duration of the course is 8 -10 weeks and it teaches your dog to follow commands given by other people.

Dogs who are no less than 5 months are qualified for the intermediate training course. In addition, dogs seeking admission in this training course should be familiar with basic commands taught by their owner or must have completed the basic dog training course.

Advanced Dog Training

The advanced dog course is the next type of training course for dogs. Although the course is quite similar to the intermediate dog training course, the difference is that it is more detailed. In this course, the dog is trained how to sit even without you having to give the command. In addition, the canine is also trained to walk with their owner without a leash.

The duration of the advance training course is about 8- 10 weeks and requires the dog to complete the intermediate course to qualify for it. This course gradually prepares your dog to take the final dog training course known as the Canine Good Citizen training course.

A dog who qualifies for the final course will be taught the ten necessary aspects of dog training to pass the course. The test can be quite difficult and will require your dog to be really well behaved to pass the test. The duration of the course can last for several weeks, depending upon the time your dog takes to pass the course.

Keeping in mind these different types of dog training courses can help you decide the one that is best suited for your dog. However, if you are still confused, seeking the opinion of a local dog trainer can be quite useful in helping you choose the best training course for your dog.

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A Simple Guide Regarding Dog Training Courses

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