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Your Career Prospects After Dog Grooming School

Your Career Prospects After Dog Grooming School

Man has harnessed the nature, power, and cunning of dogs for thousands of years, using and relying on the animals’ abilities for work, fun, and companionship. It is only natural that man returns the favor by spoiling his canine companions with proper dog grooming and much-needed pampering. Today, dog care and grooming is a thriving industry and, as many dog lovers insist, a necessity for a clean, happy and healthy dog. This is why demand for skilled and trained dog groomers is on the rise.

While some are self-taught, many of the best professional dog groomers are graduates of dog grooming schools. Schools aim to produce highly skilled professionals who can meet the demands of dog owners by providing a curriculum that helps develop the right skills and knowledge in dog care. But where do you go exactly once you complete dog grooming school? Here’s a look at your options:

Dog Care Professional

As a professional in dog or pet care, you can expect a good demand for your services. Pet care professionals are in charge of the overall non-medical health and appearance of the dog, making sure that the dog is groomed, trimmed and cared for. Pet care professionals frequently enter competitions such as dog shows where they can show off their skills and even teach other enthusiasts.

Professional Bathers

Professional dog bathers help take care of dogs by ensuring that they are clean, smell good and ready for grooming. They are in charge of bathing the dog, carefully choosing the right type of soap, shampoo, and conditioner that matches the dog’s requirements. Bathers often find jobs in veterinary clinics, salons and boarding kennels.

Professional Groomer

Professional dog groomers prep dogs to look good, providing services that range from bathing to trimming and styling. Professional dog groomers can work independently by starting their own salon, or they can work for a veterinary clinic, dog spa or professional stylist.

Professional Dog Stylist

A dog stylist trims, dyes, and buffs their clients to bring out their best look. They are responsible for all those fancy haircuts, dyes and styles you see on dogs during dog shows. Dog stylists choose the best cut, product, colors, clothes, and accessories to showcase the dog’s breed, size, and fur.

Salon Manager

If you have the experience and background, one of your best career options is to be a salon manager. Experienced managers are in high demand among pet salons and dog grooming clinics. If you have strong credentials, excellent management skills and can work with a team, this is a promising opportunity to explore.

Business Owner

If you prefer to work on your own and have the resources and the training, consider starting your own dog grooming business. You can apply everything you have learned in school and add a few flourishes of your own to create your own brand. As a salon owner, you will manage the business by yourself or with a partner, hire and train people, and supervise the day-to-day activities of the salon.

Other Career Options

Depending on your experience and training, you have a number of career options to choose from once you finish dog grooming school. Here are just a few of them:

– Handler or Handler Assistant
– Dog Walker
– Dog Trainer
– Breeder
– Boarding Kennel Manager/Owner
– Boarding Kennel Assistant
– Pet Day Care Owner

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