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Why You Should Embrace Composting

Many people have the impression that composting is difficult and time-consuming. Some people prefer buying fertilizers or getting soil amendments or conditioners to improve soil fertility. Other people have the impression that composting is a messy process that leads to smelly piles in your backyard. The thing is some of these people do not know how to go about composting. Once you know how to go about it, composting is fun and effective too.

Below are some of my reasons for composting. Read this article and use some of the tips below for own compost pile.

The first reason for composting is that all the raw materials are completely free. These materials are readily available too. You have no reason to spend good money on chemical fertilizers and other products in the market today. The only thing you need for your compost pile is to make the effort and find all the things you need to succeed at this honorable and environmentally friendly task.

The second reason you should embrace composting is that you get more nutrients from this option. Synthetic fertilizers definitely have some advantages but compost is way ahead of these options on the nutrients scale. Again, the positive effect of compost is longer than what you get from commercial fertilizers. Add the fact that compost is completely free and you see why you should embrace this option.

Another great reason for composting is that you get better quality soil with this option. Composting makes the soil easier to till and improves its water retention ability. Compost also makes the soil more resistant to erosion. In areas where you have clay soil, compost reduces the chances of the soil getting compact. With all these benefits to the soil structure, you have very good reasons to embrace composting.

If you want to get the best results from compost, you should go for the high temperature composting technique. Actually, this technique is the laboratory or industrial type method but you can borrow this method and use it in your backyard. This technique kills troublesome weeds. It also gets rid of disease-causing organisms in the materials you are using for composting. This gives you relatively healthy soil and improves yield when you cultivate the land.

Some studies indicate that using compost is a win-win situation for farmers across the globe. Crops grown on compost-rich soils can be stored longer and retain their quality for a long time. Compost serves as a protective substance in the sense that it suppresses the growth of diseases in certain crops. Other studies indicate that compost-rich soils protect crops from attack by pests and insects. This is the ultimate win-win situation ad this is why you should embrace compost today.

If you are an environmental rights activist or a conservationist, compost has something for you. There is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today but this can be combated by compost. This is because using compost with the soil over a long time has a positive effect on greenhouse gases. In addition, compost supports tree planting and trees help the environment because they take in some of the carbon dioxide emitted by industrial activity in different parts of the world.

One of the best things about compost is that it is never too late to embrace this option. If you have been using synthetic fertilizers for years, you can switch to compost any time you like. Compost is the perfect antidote for soils that are toxic. In addition, compost can balance the levels of soil acidity.

I have just pointed out my reasons for composting above. Hopefully, these reasons will motivate you to take up composting and enjoy some of the benefits it offers.

What not to Compost
There are materials you can use for compost and there things you should avoid because they will not give you the desired result. Below are some materials you should not use and why you should avoid them.

You can add ashes from a fire made with wood but you should only add a little because too much ash can make the soil alkaline. You should not use ashes from charcoal because it is not good for the soil.

When it comes to animals droppings, you should choose your animals carefully. As a rule, you should use droppings of animals that eat only grasses and vegetables. Your best are herbivores like sheep, goats, horses, rabbits and cows. You can add the droppings of pets like hamsters but do not use the droppings of cats, dogs and birds. The droppings of these three animals contain harmful organisms.

Do not add animals waste or leftover meat to your compost bin. Fish waste, oil and bones are no-go areas too. They have a terrible stench and are likely to attract unwanted pests.

You should avoid dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt or add these materials with caution because they attract insects and pests. If you add these materials to your compost bin, only add small quantities and cover them with brown food.

Finally, you can add weeds to the compost bin but you should make sure the weeds are dry. You should also ensure your compost is generating enough heat. These are some of my compost recommendations. Follow the tips above and you will enjoy all the great benefits of compost.

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