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Why You Should Consider Obedience Training For Your Dog

Why You Should Consider Obedience Training For Your Dog

Having a dog that jumps on guests can be very frustrating. So can having a dog that refuses to come back when you call but instead runs the opposite direction. Dog obedience training is a great way to teach your dog to behave, which reduces your frustration and improves his safety. Obedience training is easy and effective while offering a great way to interact with your pet and have fun.

The basic commands taught in dog obedience training include come, sit and stay. These basic commands are extremely beneficial as you puppy grows into an adult. They allow you to take a dog out for a walk without having him running amuck on the road and allows you to show how well behaved he actually is. The training for your dog can be accomplished in just a few weeks if you are willing to provide the dedication, attention, and patience.

In most areas, there are many organizations that offer obedience classes. If you are having difficulty in training your dog on your own, these classes can be a lifesaver and also have the benefit of socializing your dog. Just like a child, but with fur, your dog needs to learn right from wrong for a happier future.

One way to enhance your training of a dog is the use of treats to reward them during obedience training. Reserve these special treats for the times your dog does the command you speak. If the pet does not respond appropriately, it does not earn the treat. Avoid shouting at the pet, as this only serves to scare them and reduces the chance of forming a happy relationship with the dog. After all, with proper training, this dog is going to be your best friend.

You will have better success when training a dog by taking him away from distractions, such as his favorite toys. A park or empty field away from people is an excellent location. Speak in a firm, but nice voice and command your dog to sit, then use your hand on his back to guide his rear to the ground.

When he is sitting, say sit, praise him and provide him with one of the treats. Repeat the process several times so the pet realizes that the command, “Sit” means for him to sit and results in a reward when he follows it. In a very short time, he knows to sit when commanded so you can eliminate the training treats.

The command to stay is a little more difficult and generally, requires two people to teach. Command the dog to sit, once you have taught him this and have your helper hold him. As you walk away, tell the dog to stay, while holding your hand up firmly with a flat palm. This action helps the dog to realize the visual command of holding the hand in the position means to stay, even if you do not vocalize it.

Once he actually stays for a few minutes, ask your helper to release him so he can come to you. When he arrives, praise him once again, ask him to sit and then provide him with another training treat. With proper use of the reward, you are not only teaching the dog to stay but also to come when you speak the command.

Puppies are similar to soft clay when born, and they require molding and shaping. Teach your puppy as soon as you bring him home. Early training is often much easier than attempting to train an older dog, who has lacked training for several years any new tricks.

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Why You Should Consider Obedience Training For Your Dog

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