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Why Gardening With Kids Is Helpful To Them

Why Gardening With Kids Is Helpful To Them

There is not much that is better for you than gardening. It is especially great when you garden with someone else. Since most children love to play and dig in the dirt, why not include them in your gardening tasks?

You can show them how they can build and grow their very own square foot garden. Whether you want to grow some beautiful flowers, or cultivate fruits and vegetables, this certainly will be an amazing opportunity for children to have the hands-on experience and learn a great deal about gardening.

When you start to plant things right from seeds, you truly get to experience something that is wonderful. It is educational and practical for children to be able to grow a garden, or help out with someone else’s plants. Here is how you can teach children about growing their own.

Follow these ten steps to help your kids begin gardening:

Get Them to Be Interested

There has to be some sort of interest in place for gardening. This is not too difficult of a task. All you have to do is show them how exciting it can be, to help a seed turn into a plant, and watch it grow. If your child loves bugs and various other creepy crawlies, you can tell them about what’s in the soil. Work with what your child is already interested in, and you are sure to be successful.

Find the Right Tools

It will not be all that fun if the tools you have are too small or large for your kids. This is why you should find gardening tools that only will be for your child. This can include a rake, shovel, gloves, watering can and more. They should be “kid-sized”, and especially are great when you get them in bright colors. Consider letting him or her pick out the tools.

Start Growing What Is Easier to Grow

Give your child some involvement in what you will grow. However, steer him or her towards what will be ideal for beginners. If you choose something with a longer harvest time, your child is likely to lose interest. The following are suggestions of what you can try:

*Sweet Peas

Only the Basics

You should begin with smaller tasks for your little one. You should avoid asking your child to till the soil or add in nutrients. If you have an older child who already is interested in these things and can handle it with relative ease, it may be a good idea. It can all be taught at a later time to a younger child.

Start by demonstrating how to plant the seed. You can put it directly into the ground in your yard or a community garden. Or, you can use egg cartons with a little soil in it, so that the seeds will stay in place. Place the egg carton into the ground, as it is biodegradable.

Be at One with the Critters

Though there are creatures that are beneficial to a garden, there are some that you will want to keep away from it. Talk to your child to help him or her learn the difference. Come up with some ways to attract animals you want to have there, and ways to keep others from bothering your garden.

Show How It Is Fantastic

There is a sense of magic when it comes to gardening. Nothing makes a child more excited than magic. If you have a begonia plant, then replant it, another one will grow in its place. Your little one is going to be in awe and want to give this a try with other plants.


You can use some items from around your house in order to decorate your garden. Pinwheels are beautiful and are easy to set up in the space. Decorate the planters you use for flowers, and even put together a bird feeder. Brainstorm with your child for some cool ideas.

Proper Care of a Garden

After you plant the seeds, it is time to begin the “real work”. Kids ideally should know beforehand what this entails. Tell them about weeds and how you can get rid of any weeds that pop up within the garden. Make sure that the plants can receive plenty of sunshine and water. This is crucial to helping them grow strong and healthy.

Keep It Up Throughout the Seasons

If you want to have success with the garden, you will have to work on it all year round. This may mean that you will have to move the plants indoors when it becomes too cold for them to stay outside. Make sure to have adequate space and materials for this purpose.

Enthusiasm Is Best

Always keep in mind – it is a good idea for your kids to try out new things with you. In due time, your little gardeners will be pros. They may teach you something about gardening.

Has this convinced you to begin the process of growing a garden with your children? One of the most important things to remember is that you should all be having fun. This is a hobby, instead of a chore. If you treat it like a hobby, they will not become tired of it.

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