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What You Need To Know Before Training Your Dog

What You Need To Know Before Training Your Dog

Training a dog may not be the easiest thing to do but it provides a lot of benefits that make it a worthwhile activity. With dog training, it is possible to prevent aggression and other negative behaviors. This can be accomplished by teaching dogs to connect properly with fellow dogs and the humans around them.

Before you begin, you have to understand how dogs evolved and how they came to be man’s favorite pets. You should also learn about their tendencies when training with a group.

How dog training was started

According to records, everything started when early humans took in what are possibly abandoned puppies in the wild and domesticated them. These are not as tame and gentle as the ones we have today but they gradually learned tasks to help their human companions. For instance, they acted as guards for the territory and chased off other predators. In return, they got food and care from their beneficiaries.

All of these are still true today. Dogs are highly useful companions around homes and farms. They help people to guard the premises, herd the sheep, and hunt the game.

Dogs are pack creatures

Remember that dogs are pack creatures by nature. Consider this when you begin a training program. Members of the pack learn their place within the group which influences their behavior. This order will only change when the alpha dog dies and a new one has to take over. The dogs below this will not mount any challenge and the alpha can lead the pack as he pleases.

The rest of the pack depend on their leader when it comes to safety and nutrition. When training them, you as the teacher must act as their pack leader so that they will follow without questions.

Once the dogs see you as their leader, they will follow all of your commands right away and without hesitation. This can only be done by earning their respect. Do this and you will have a much easier time getting them to do what you want.

Dog training can be challenging

It can be a challenge sometimes, especially in the beginning, but it’s all worth it in the end as a properly trained dog is a joy to be around with. You can approach it without fear and allow it to get close with the rest of the family or your friends. It can be let loose in public without any worries. Even the more aggressive breeds can be tamed and become family favorites like pit bulls.

Sometimes you may see your dog engaging in negative behaviors. You have to understand why this is happening in order to change it. An example would be excessive chewing that leads to the destruction of property. This can often be traced to separation anxiety. Try to resolve this and you will see the behavior go away.

Stresses can influence dog to do weird things

Dogs can also be stressed by a variety of stimuli. Give them the means to cope with the stress and they will feel a whole lot better as a result. For excessive chewing, try to give them quality dog chews to focus their energies and lessen their anxiety.

Understand that dogs and humans are different. They react differently to their environment. See your dog for what it is and resist the temptation to judge it as if it were human.

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Before You Start Training Your Dog You Need To know This

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