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What Is Edible Landscaping

What Is Edible Landscaping

Gardens are often thought of as beautiful patches of land with colorful flowers and ornaments. While this is true for many, there is no reason why gardens can’t be of a practical nature as well. Edible landscaping tries to do exactly that as it mixes refined aesthetic sensibilities with functional gardening that has tangible benefits. The term is derived from the fact that edible plants are the focus of the plan. Efforts are rewarded with tasty treats come harvest time. Read on for more information about this popular approach.

Edible Landscaping Explained

Of course, people have been growing edible plants for thousands of years. This practice is partly responsible for the continued survival of our species. Edible landscaping goes well beyond this, however, and makes the entire process more exciting. The center stage is reserved for fruits, vegetables, and herbs, but space may also be allotted to non-edible plants. The latter may not provide food but they can enhance the beauty of the whole enterprise.

In an edible landscape, the owner has the power to pick and choose plants that he or she wants to cultivate. It is possible to have several trees and bushes within the space. Pots may be placed on the ground or hung up in the air. All of them will have to be arranged in a rational design that is pleasing to the eyes.

The Creation

It doesn’t take a master to start making one of these edible landscapes. Any person who is willing to learn can try to do so. Novices can gradually improve their creation as they gain knowledge and experience. A spacious lot is ideal as it presents infinite possibilities. However, even smaller lots can be turned into impressive gardens with a little bit of ingenuity.

The Requirements

All you really need to begin is a spot that you can dedicate to the project. As already pointed out, this does not have to be a big space as you can adapt to any condition. Smaller spaces can make use of diminutive plants to do more with less. It doesn’t matter if there is a single open space or walls all around. The surface may have grass, rocks, or plain dirt. There will be ways to optimize the garden for each situation.

The Climate

Gardens can be created virtually anywhere. The climate is not a limiting factor although it can influence what you can do. Places that get a lot of sunĀ all year are lucky as they have lots of options when it comes to plants. Those that don’t will have to be more careful. Research will go a long way towards making smart decisions. The best resources are long-time gardeners as they can tell you what grows well during different seasons. If you have a local gardening store, then they will probably be able to offer advice as well.

Getting Started

The best way to do edible landscaping is simply to start and learn as you go. List down the types of plants that work well for your region and find the seeds for those that you like. Do this for both the edibles and the non-edibles. Plan out their placement in such a way as to make a beautiful ensemble. You don’t have to cover a large area right away. In fact, it is better to start small and develop more with time.

The recent surge in the popularity of edible landscaping shows that people are interested in this combination of form and function. It is a trend that is likely to continue given its unquestionable benefits. Go ahead and give it a try.

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What Is Edible Landscaping

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