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Understanding Raw Dog Food And Why Your Pet Need This Diet

Understanding Raw Dog Food And Why Your Pet Need This Diet

It is not true that raw dog food can be obtained instantly from the bag or can. But it is something different than the canned food. These bagged foods are processed foods that are processed in a variety of ways in the factories. The animals in the slaughterhouse are killed for meat, and machines then process this. This treated meat is then mixed with many other items and canned for supply.

The raw dog food refers to the food in the raw form without any treatments. The meat and the bones are given to the dog directly as food. This type of feeding is widely called as BARF (Bones and raw food) diet. As machines do not at all treat the food, the supporters call the BARF diet as a natural diet.

Well, before we go any further.

Why feed raw food to your dog?

It’s been said too that this kind of diet enhances dogs’ ability to evolve as naturally as possible. Eventually, they would be able to reach their full potential because they are made to eat natural food products. Billinghurst says that commercialized dog food can be harmful to canines in the long run. According to him, the roots of dogs trace them back to being able to eat naturally so that it was they ought to do.

According to both studies and experts, there are a lot of benefits that can be pointed at when it comes to letting dogs consume raw food. The most obvious is, of course, the physical changes that can be seen among dogs. People who give raw dog food to their pets can noticeably see a change in their coat, and they are seen to have a much better skin condition as well. They are also observed to have a better set of teeth as well as stronger gums if they eat raw food.

Even the bowels can attest to the positive effects of raw dog food. They are smaller as compared when digesting commercialized products. In addition to these, dogs are expected to have better immunity against diseases and have lesser chances of becoming prey to certain diseases because of the nutritional quality they can intake. Because they can eat fresh food without alterations on its flavor and content, they are likely to get better nutrients out of it.

Although there are many benefits now attributed to eating raw dog food, you should still take careful consideration when following this diet. If your pet dog has been fed with commercialized or cooked meals since he was a puppy or since you have come to own him, it would be best to ease him into taking raw dog food first. It is even advised that you substitute at least one of his usual meals to raw food diet. This way, your pet would be able to undergo the needed physiological changes.

In addition to slowly easing pets into the raw dog food diet, it’s also important to note the food items that you will feed to them. This diet does promote the inclusion of bones into the dog’s diet however you should restrict it to chicken bones. Chicken bones are easier to crunch, and as the dog does chew on it, it effectively breaks down and does not become splintered. Thus, they can exercise their mouth and get their fill without any danger.

Changing to raw dog food

Start by letting your dog get accustomed to the change when you want him to start feeding on raw dog food. Try chicken or other poultry with bones. Raw bones are good for your dog, but cooked bones may cause serious injury to your pet. After a week, you can begin varying the diet by incorporating some vegetables – carrots, green beans, and zucchini are all good ones to start your dog on. Ground meats can be added at this time too (lean cuts at first, your pet will need a few more weeks before you begin adding fattier foods to the diet). Before long, you can add liver and eggs to the mix.

Supplements are part of this raw dog food plan as well. These include, but are not limited to nutritional yeast, vitamins C and E, and sometimes a little flax oil – your dog needs their omega fatty acids too. The amounts used will vary by breed and size of a dog; this is where research comes in. You must be aware of your dog’s specific nutritional needs before implementing a new diet for them.

Vegetables in your raw dog food diet must be crushed or blended. The dog’s digestive systems are not designed to digest cellulose, which is what holds veggies together. Their nutrients are available to tour dogs once they are crushed into a pulp. They are quite healthy for them.

To prepare your dog for this diet, digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria (acidophilus) should be added while your dog learns to digest its new raw dog food diet. If done properly and with thorough preparation, a raw food diet can be a wonderful thing. You will feel great because of the health benefits your dog is receiving, and your dog will notice too and thank you.

Where to buy raw dog food

It would be best if you search for the right source of the raw dog food first. Many pet owners who love this raw diet prefer to make their meals for their dogs. However, being a newbie might be too overwhelming for you given the many choices you have. So it would be best if you buy them as also packaged to help you track the stuff that they eat.

There are so many places to get these packed meals from. You can find them in pet shops or even in groceries. However, you should be prepared for the price. These meals tend to be a bit expensive because of the natural food items and organic compounds included in each meal.

If you have friends whom you know are into this kind of diet, it would be best to ask them for referrals. They can direct you to someone who prepares the meals and does not sell them commercially but only to pre-ordering customers. Chances are, these meals might also come off as more affordable.

Your dog’s vet can also be a good source of referral. He might be able to direct you to a nutritionist who specializes in raw dog food meals. This referral would also be great since your vet can help track the progress of your dog as he makes the switch to eating raw.

Researching online is also a good option. These days there is so many information that can be readily retrieved from the internet. You might even be able to spot a raw dog food shop that sells within your area. Through the internet, you can also search for legitimate brands that sell raw dog food.

Feeding pets with raw dog food have become a phenomenon, but you should still exercise due care in implementing it. After all, feeding your dogs with something new would always mean changes within their internal system. 

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Discover Why Your Pet Needs The Raw Dog Food Diet By Understanding Its Vital Health Benefits

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