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Tips To Keep The Litter Box Clean

Tips To Keep The Litter Box Clean

The fact that some cats refuse to use their litter boxes is the primary reason why these animals wind up in cages at animal shelters. Cat urine emits a very pungent aroma and getting this out of fabrics and off of hard surfaces is no easy feat. Moreover, cats are known to defecate behind furnishings and they may even hide their mess in some of the worst places imaginable, like in their owners’ beds.

If getting your cat to use the litter box has been a frustrating endeavor, you might be surprised to discover that there is a very simple solution to this problem. You should note, however, that all cats who refuse to use the litter box should be checked by their vets to rule out any serious ailments.

Keeping The Litter Box Clean

Cat Spraying No More

Instead of getting angry with your cat, you might need to examine a critical, underlying cause for this issue – the actual litter box. Cats are actually quite clean and one thing that will keep them out of their litter boxes is having a litter box that’s downright filthy. Imagine yourself in your cat’s position – would you want to sit down on a dirty and overflowing toilet – nope, so you should assume that your cat won’t either. In today’s busy society most people have too many things to do and too little time to do them in, but it’s important to avoid neglecting the litter box.

The best choice for litter boxes is often clumping litter. In addition to making it a whole lot easier to get rid of feces, this also makes it easy to clear out urine. Simply use a scoop twice daily to remove the clumps, and if you spend a lot of time in the home, scoop the litter box out immediately after your cat is done. Always add a bit more litter in as well, in order to compensate for the litter that you’ve recently taken out.

Litter boxes should be changed entirely at least once each week if there is just one cat using them, and twice a week whenever there are multiple cats using the same box. Each cat will ideally have its own box so that one cat does not dominate.

Cleaning Accidents Up

While you may have heard that baking soda or simple soap and water solutions are sufficient for eliminating cat odors, they’re not. There are a number of compounds in cat urine that are not water soluble and these require enzyme cleaners for complete odor removal. This is a process that you might need to repeat a few times to ensure that the odor is gone. Your nose is the best indicator for determining whether or not the job is finished.

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Tips To Keep The Litter Box Clean

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