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Tips For Layering Your Garden

Tips For Layering Your Garden

Landscaping your garden can be fun, and if you love spending time outdoors and have a creative mind, it can be a satisfying hobby. Your outdoor space may well be the first thing that visitors notice when they come to your house, and time spent rearranging flowers and shrubs can make your garden attractive and appealing. If it is in a positive way, being the talk of your street or your neighborhood is a good thing, and a well kept, eye-catching and well-designed garden can make your house really stand out from all the others on your block.

Having an idea of which plants you want to plant first in your garden is the key to layering your landscaped space. One of the best ways to approach this is simply to make a drawing of how you want your finished garden to look, and sketching it out ahead of time can avoid such obvious blunders as having short plants hidden behind taller ones. Your landscaping project will be much more successful if you have some sort of clear picture of how you want the finished space to look, although the overall look will depend on a large extent on the types of flowers and plants you want to incorporate.

Three layers in your garden are highly recommended and this layout can give you a great looking garden, while at the same time keeping things fairly simple. As a general rule, place the taller plants and flowers at the back, so that your garden slopes towards the front, rather than away from you, and if possible, plan your back row of plants to be north facing.

Your local garden center can advise you on the best types of plants to buy to create this effect, keeping in mind that you may be planting baby plants which have not yet grown to their full height. You may end up spending your time replanting and changing things around to get that layered look if the middle or front row of plants will end up being higher than the back row.

Everybody enjoys looking at a beautiful and well-designed garden, and layering your plants in three rows is a sure way to create a great visual effect. Layering is one of the most important aspects of good landscape design and can make all the difference to the look and appeal of any garden, regardless of its size.

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Tips For Layering Your Garden

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