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The Recall Command: Basic Dog Obedience Training

The Recall Command: Basic Dog Obedience Training

Puppies always bring happiness to a home. The whole family inevitably falls in love with the little creatures the minute they arrive. They play with them all day and take turns when it’s time for feeding. Everyone’s attention is focused on the newest baby in the house. All of this is normal but owners have to buckle down to more serious matters later on.

Their behavior must be observed and bad habits should be corrected right away. They should also be taught to respond to commands so that raising them will be easy. For instance, they should immediately come when they are called. Most will do so without much training as it will all be intuitive. However, some will have to be trained for a while before they learn to obey your commands.

Why the Recall Command is Important

This is the most basic of all commands that can be given to a dog. It is the foundation of everything as it ensures attention and obedience. Training must start at a young age to make it second nature. It will be harder to do so at an advanced age because habits have already been formed. With this command, a pet can be guided towards proper behaviors more readily.

This command is often associated with safety. This can be a great tool to use when the dog is wandering outside and getting into trouble. Before it does anything risky or goes into dangerous territory, just shout the command and it will cease whatever it’s doing to come back to you. It will not matter if it wanders out of sight as you can always ask it to return.

How to Train a Dog

The aim of the training is to get the dog to respond correctly right away. You should not be having difficulties asking it to come to you. The dog obedience on come or recall command should ideally get an automatic response. One or two calls must be enough to get its attention no matter where it is at or what it is doing.

This can be a challenge for some dogs. Owners are lucky if theirs can get it quickly and make it part of their behavior. Others have to practice several times and use a number of tricks to get the appropriate response. The level of understanding and maturity of a young dog is far from a human being. Many will want to play constantly and get you to chase them instead of answering your call.

You can use a dog’s natural instincts to hone this behavior. Start the training cycle as early as you can and make sure to reinforce the command as frequently as possible.

Training Rules to Abide By

Years of experience have taught experts the dos and don’ts of dog training. Here are some of their tips that you can follow:

It may take several calls before a dog finally responds to your command. When it does, do not show your frustration through a punishment. It will think that you will always meet punishment when you call and may become wary of approaching you the next time.

Keep it within the home while in basic training. Only allow it to roam in public once it has shown obedience to your commands.

Be positive in voicing the command. Do not be threatening as it will sense this. You want to be welcoming and make the dog want to come to you.

Stick to one command at a time during training. Mixing things up might just lead to confusion. Once a trick has been mastered, move on to the next.

Follow these tips and you will be on your way towards having a good little dog.

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Fundamental Dog Training Regarding The Recall Command

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