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The Raw Dog Food Diet And Detoxification

If you are one of the growing numbers of dog owners you may have noticed that your dog may be having a few issues adapting to the change. Some symptoms include flatulence, some diarrhea, and even halitosis. He could be adjusting through detoxification in a similar way to you are I might do when switching diets. Here are a few things to consider to help with the adjustment.
Feeding your pet on baked Pet Treats can not only make your pet healthier and happier but can extend his or her lifespan and impact the quality of life of your pet very positively. Pets depend on their owners for their every need and give them unconditional love and affection in return. For this reason, it is essential to be aware of what your pet is eating, and where it came from.

Your dog might go through detoxification as his system is being cleaned from the previous diet he has become used to. This is perfectly normal with a major dietary change though the length of time he will detoxify is variable though it is not normally longer than a few days after you change him to his new raw food diet.

Keep an eye out for anything unusual and the symptoms mentioned above. However, as I’m sure you will do as a responsible dog owner anyway, do have him checked out by your vet if any of the detoxification symptoms persist as it could be a sign of a deeper health issue.

If you think that detoxification might be a problem you can help him before you change your dog to the raw dog food diet by initiating a spot of early detoxification. If you take this route, then your dog’s system can be cleaned of any pre-existing toxins before you start him on his new, healthier diet which in turn can help the transition process to be smoother and without any, or less, of some of the associated potentially unpleasant symptoms.

Advance detoxification before the baked pet treats diet switch does require a little preparation but not much. Here’s what you can do starting around four days in advance of your planned switch. For a couple of days put him on a mini-fast or liquid diet and stop feeding him his usual diet. For the next couple of days give him water and liquids. This will help to flush his system and remove any toxins, so he has a clean system ready for his new healthy raw food diet.

It is a matter of personal choice whether or not you take the advance detoxification route or leave it and allow your dog to go through it during the move to his new diet. Consult your vet if in any doubt about detoxification or the suitability of the new diet for your dog. The purpose of detoxification is to allow him to get used to his new diet quickly and for his body to absorb and process all the natural, healthy foods you will be feeding him from now on.

Some pet owners observe that their pets are happiest if fed raw meat. This is usually true, but it’s important to distinguish the differences between meat sold for human consumption vs. pet consumption.the pet foods created in such a way can even make your pet more energetic, and overall more fit and healthy, even improving the look and feel of your pet’s coat. Some older pets may find moving easier, and become more playful.Pasteurization is a process by which harmful bacteria are killed, so when feeding your raw dog food, be sure it’s meant for pet consumption, since feeding your pet un-pasteurized raw meat can be risky, especially for dogs who are not accustomed to a raw diet.

Raw meat sold for animal consumption is usually pasteurized, which is a process whereby harmful bacteria are killed. If your dog is just starting to transition to a raw diet, it may be helpful to start with pasteurized meat in order to ease the transition.

Baked pet treats are said to bring health benefits as the dog is not eating commercially manufactured foodstuffs which can contain chemicals and artificial products. For example, dog owners have reported that their animals have more energy, digest their food better with less flatulence or gas. It can also save you money by being cheaper to buy natural raw foods over the commercial stuff.

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