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The Importance Of Keeping Your Chickens Healthy

If you are someone who wants to earn money with your chickens, then you must do whatever is necessary to keep them healthy. Just like the age-old saying goes, “health is wealth.” Sick chickens are not going to be able to produce good eggs or meat. Therefore, you will need to keep your chickens free of all disease and illnesses. The following is some information that can help you ensure that your chickens have the best odds of staying healthy possible. Use these tips and you should have a perfect group of chickens in your care.

Set Up The Right Environment 

Chickens are indeed versatile animals that can adapt very well to different climates. However, you can give them the best chance at surviving possible if you set up a hen house or coop in a place that is not too harsh on them. It needs to be well ventilated so that draft can’t randomly attack your livestock. The perches should also be low enough that they will prevent any and all foot injuries from occurring with your animals. Finally, you’ll want to make sure that moisture stays out of the area so that your chickens do not pick up harmful diseases that tend to develop when toxic gasses float about.

Cleanliness of the area is also an important factor. You will want to make sure that you clean the area every day with a good disinfectant and some clean water. Keeping up with the cleanliness will prevent diseases from spreading that come from pests like lice and mites. It should be a regular practice that grows on you over time and ends up being your main means of operation. A clean coop is a happy coop as they say, and all your chickens will have the maximum opportunity to grow up healthy.

Keep Chicks Safe From Predators 

Predators are all over the place. They are even in the chicken’s coop. You can try to ensure that you protect your hens by putting a fence around them. You should use extra caution when you shop for fencing as you will want to ensure that you choose high-quality fencing. It should be raised up high, as well. Any member of the cat family will try to jump over your fence, so you want to make sure that it is at least 20 inches high.

Watering And Feeding Your Chickens 

All livestock need to have a balanced diet if they are going to produce good meats. What you will want to do is ensure that you feed them foods that have a high level of the vitamins and minerals they all need. You will want to ensure that you feed them enough times during the course of the day so that you plump them up, as well.

Chickens Need Space 

Make sure your chickens have enough space to roam around a bit, and they do not feel cramped. Make sure they are not crowded to avoid fights. Use those tips, and you should be able to raise good livestock.

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