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The Food4Wealth Method In Focus

All of us are aware of how difficult it can be to grow vegetables – weeding, digging, rotating crops, fertilizing, watering, planting resting beds, winter crops, spraying weeds and pests – the list is endless. So consider a garden that does not require any of these activities.

Visualize a vegetable garden that has no pests, does not need digging, does not have to be rested during winter, does not require crop rotation, has almost no weeds, requires little watering and all but looks after itself. Better still, this garden produces much more than a conventional vegetable garden, and can regenerate itself each year unaided.

If This Was True, It Would Be Supernatural!

Might a garden that fits the above description actually exist? Absolutely! The clue is in the natural world. Natural ecosystems are extremely diverse and healthy and do not need intervention from human beings. If we could take the ecosystems that are all around us and utilize them in our gardens, we could create identical results. And this is precisely what the method known as ‘Food4Wealth‘ has done.

As a science-based method, Food4Wealth observes proven ecological concepts. It is a way of using edible plants to establish a natural ecosystem. The plant types it uses are the type that everyone enjoys eating. The carefully designed planting arrangements imitate nature, which ensures that the same codependent relationships exist between the live components. Such relationships are mutually advantageous for the different components, which allows the garden to sustain itself with the minimum of interference.

The individuals that own Food4Wealth gardens are a key part of the process. They carry out a role that is akin to the role grazing animals play in natural ecosystems. Food4Wealth gardens benefit from frequent harvesting, in the same way that natural ecosystems benefit from frequent grazing.

These gardens are full of life, so they require harvesting on a daily basis. Frequent harvesting sustains the optimum balance of vegetation necessary to run the plot like a naturally occurring ecosystem. It is the ultimate ‘no lose’ scenario. Harvesting is great for the people; however, it is great for the garden as well.

The largest obstacle that stands in the way of modern agriculture is to include plant ecology, pest ecology, crop management and soil ecology in a method that’s efficient and dependable. Up to now, that has not been accomplished. The Food4Wealth process incorporates all of these activities seamlessly, with no effort. The truth is that Mother Nature has done these things for centuries. It is only human beings who have complicated the process.

However, now, the way ahead is obvious, because Food4Wealth has established an efficient, healthy and dependable way of growing food. It is an easy method that organizes things as Mother Nature intended, so problems do not exist.

Going back to the original question – is it supernatural?

No, but it certainly feels this way.

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