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The Best Plants And Flowers For Gardening With Kids

Tips For Layering Your Garden

Gardening with kids can provide your youngsters with a variety of learning opportunities. In addition to making them more cognizant of things like the nutrient content of the soil, the attributes and characteristics of various plants and flowers, the manner in which food grows, and the impact of the environment and the weather, these efforts also foster greater levels of personal responsibility. Taking care of plants encourages kids to find out more about what’s required to take care of something living – which is why owning plants can be an excellent stepping stone towards owning pets.

It’s not difficult to see how growing flowers and plants can be an incredible learning experience for you kids, but this does not mean that every type of plant or flower is going to be an appropriate gardening project for your child. Some options may be too challenging for kids to tend to and some can be outright dangers. To ensure that your child gets optimal rewards from his or her gardening experience, it’s important to choose the right flower and plant types.

Selecting Flowers And Plants Should Be Done Cautiously

When selecting flowers and plants for gardening with kids, there are several factors that should be considered. Safety should be your foremost priority and concern. Certain flowers and plants are poisonous and depending upon how old your child is, this could be a major problem. If your child happens to be at an age when everything is still being put in his or her mouth, poisonous plants should definitely be avoided. You will then need to account for the amount of work that the related plant or flower care will require.

Make sure that the flower or plant you choose entails an amount of work that’s entirely age-appropriate. Gardening with kids should always be conducive to success and thus, it won’t hurt to err on the side of caution in this area so that your little one is never being saddled with more than he or she can reasonably handle. Beyond these things, you also have to consider all of the normal gardening concerns, such as choosing flowers and plants that are right for your region and climate and that are appropriate in size for your planting area.

Plants You Can Consider

Food plants are great for gardening with kids. Strawberries, watermelon, green beans, squash, and tomato plants are all fairly easy to grow and kids really enjoy watching foods go right from their gardens to their tables. Depending upon how large your yard is and the climate you live in, planting fruit trees can be an amazing experience for children. These do not require a tremendous amount of work after they’ve been planted and kids will like watching these grow and being able to pick and eat the fruit.

If you aren’t interested in growing food plants, or if you’d like to add a variety of plant types into your gardening project, think about choosing bright flowers with beautiful fragrances that are easy to grow. Some flowers that are pretty easy to grow are Gerber daisies, hyacinths, sunflowers, and marigolds. If you want to make your garden smell even better, think about planting both flowers and herbs. Lemon balm, rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, and many others all mix well with the flowers in the garden and your child can enjoy the aroma of these herbs and see how various herbs can be used in different cooking projects.

Finally, think about adding exotic, carnivorous plants to your project. Children are always amazed by snapdragons, firecracker plants and Venus fly traps. Your kids are going to love playing with these and showing them off to friends.

Safety is your first priority when gardening with children, but there are countless options in flowers and plants that are fun, safe and kid-friendly. Your kids will carry the knowledge that they glean from these projects for all time.

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Some Thoughts Regarding Plants And Flowers For Children Gardening

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