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The Advantages Of Planting Vegetable Gardens

If you aren’t sure exactly what to do with that area of land in your backyard that seems to have no obvious purpose, a vegetable garden may be the ideal solution. The advantages of planting some vegetables in your backyard are outlined below.

Delicious Treats

Because the vegetables are planted and grown right on your own doorstep, they just seem to taste so much better than the vegetables bought at your local supermarket. Perhaps it is just the satisfaction of growing your own, but whether you use the vegetables in a satisfying home cooked meal or a delicious and healthy salad, they just taste good. Your family and friends can enjoy home grown and freshly picked vegetables, and you can be assured that not only do they taste great, but there are no potentially harmful preservatives or other chemicals.

No Harmful Chemicals

Although many vendors and growers claim that they don’t use any chemicals or pesticides when growing their vegetables, you can never really be 100 percent sure. In some cases, vegetables bought at the store have been planted in soil close to other crops that have been exposed to pesticide. Although there is little firm evidence to support it, it is generally believed that there can be a higher risk of developmental and reproductive issues when exposed to pesticides, especially in children. Children are not easily able to secrete or metabolize these chemicals, as their bodies are not yet completely developed. In any case, why take the risk? Vegetables grown in your own backyard are guaranteed to contain nothing harmful.

A Workout While Gardening

Gardening is not only enjoyable, but it can be the perfect way to get that much-needed exercise, for anyone who simply doesn’t have time to go to the gym each day. You can lose weight and burn off some of those extra calories simply by looking after your vegetable garden for just half an hour each day, and the bending and reaching involved in gardening can improve your overall flexibility. The back, arms, legs, buttocks and several other muscles also get a more thorough workout than you might think if you spend time gardening regularly.

If you tend to your garden regularly, once it is time to harvest your vegetable, you will probably notice a positive change in your body. Because you spend time gardening regularly, you may well find it easier to reach up, bend down and many everyday activities will simply require less effort. If you have heart disease, a bone joint disorder, or high blood pressure, gardening can be a much better and safer alternative to jogging or certain sports. It also has less overall impact on the body’s joints.

Helping The Environment

As one person planting vegetables in your backyard, it’s difficult to see that your actions might have a positive impact on the environment, although if everybody grew their own veg, the impact would be huge. Farmers would not need to expand their areas of growing if fewer consumers were buying their vegetables from the supermarket or from farms, and this would also mean more land available to support wildlife and larger areas of forests.

Of course, if everybody grew their own vegetables, it would also virtually eliminate the need to sue potentially harmful pesticides on a regular basis. If you like to see yourself as a concerned citizen, and would like a plentiful supply of fresh and healthy vegetables, having your own vegetable garden, however small, is an obvious and practical first step.

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