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Some Positive Beginners Turkey Hunting Tips

Some Positive Beginners Turkey Hunting Tips

For such a long time now, so many people have enjoyed turkey hunting and looked forward to this sport. When the spring arrives, hunters get ready to enjoy themselves. They will vie for the largest turkey and also enjoy sharing different turkey hunting tips. When it comes to the trophy for the largest turkey, the award will be presented based both on its size, along with the length of its beard. For the most part, it is only male turkeys that are hunted. Their colors are darker than the females and they are usually larger as well. The beards that they grow on their chest often will reach eight or nine inches in length.

When they are hunting, there are certain rules that hunters must follow. Significant factors that vary from every state include the months, bagging limits, time schedules, and specific locations. It is of great importance that these factors be taken into consideration by the hunters. A few turkey hunting tips for the beginning hunter are also of great value.

One great suggestion is to take the time to check a possible area during the nighttime and one may find a turkey at rest near a tree. Doing so, the hunter can stay on till morning and make their move when the turkey leaves the tree. Another great way of locating a target is by finding their source for food. Usually, in the fall, turkeys will run out of grasses and insects to eat, so they seek out berries and acorns instead. Knowing this will assist the hunter in finding them quicker.

Two other great tips include the hunter looking for feathers and for droppings. Female turkey droppings look like small curlicues, while male turkey droppings resemble question marks. Still another great tip is to search around water holes for any signs. During day-breaks, turkeys will usually drink at these holes. The hunter will also want to make use of different clucks, purrs, yelps, and hen calls to lure that target to them.

Be aware though that during rainy days, these turkey hunting tips will be modified a bit. For starters, among the best times to stalk the fowl will be a rainy day because they typically will be more exposed at that time. The hunter should also be aware that if they see lightning when things finally calm down, they should head to an open field which is usually where the turkeys will journey in their effort to dry themselves out.

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Some Positive Beginners Turkey Hunting Tips

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