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Simple Tips For Tomato Container Gardening

If you love to have a vegetable garden at home, but lack large space to grow one, try container gardening. Container gardens are the method of growing both edibles and ornamentals in containers rather them planting them in the ground.

A substantial amount of edibles can be grown in the container on the deck, patio, porch, rooftop or balcony. One of the vegetables that can be easily cultivated in a container is tomatoes. To know more about cultivating your favorite vegetable, take a look at some of the essential tips for tomato container gardening listed in this guide.

The first step to cultivating tomatoes in a container is to have good soil. Many fruit and vegetable bearing plants are quite sensitive to the soil they are planted in. Unlike weeds, these types of plants do not grow anywhere and even if they happen to grow they do not yield good results. So whether you are planning to grow a plant from seed or from a young plant brought from a local garden center, use only good soil recommended for container gardening. In addition, to provide proper support to the plant, ensure that the container is at least five gallons or more.

The choice of the plant is another important factor to be considered when cultivating tomatoes in containers. Tomatoes are available in wide varieties- cherry tomatoes, olive tomatoes, sandwich tomatoes or plum tomatoes. Due to the different varieties, the size of the tomato plants also tends to vary in size. As a result, while some tomato plants are fully grown to be only a few feet tall, some might grow up to five feet tall.

So, if you are planning to grow tomatoes a container but have limited space or height, it is recommended that choose the smaller varieties of plants. Taking the advice of an employee at your local garden can help you get a good variety of plant (bushy type) suitable for your container.

Having a good support system for your tomato plant is another essential factor to be considered when growing tomatoes. A tomato plant usually has weak branches that are not capable of carrying the weight of the heavy tomatoes. Therefore, attaching the plant to some support system such tomatoes cages, planting stakes or small trellises is recommended.

Choose the right spot to place your tomato plant container. Tomatoes plants require at least 5-6 hours of sunlight to thrive well. Choosing a spot that has little or no sunshine will fail to produce ripe tomatoes and also minimize the chances of a growing a healthy crop. The more sunshine the tomatoes plant receives, the more tomatoes you are likely to harvest.

Watering your tomato plant regularly is another important factor for growing a healthy tomato plant in a container. A great tip for watering tomato plant is to water them from above rather than from below. Always remember, plants grown in a container or hanging baskets usually tend to dry out much quickly than those grown in regular soil in a big garden. Therefore, watering your tomato plant on a routine basis is a must to yield good results.

Fertilizing regularly is another crucial factor to remember for tomato container gardening. When compared to vegetable plants grown in the backyard or larger space, vegetables grown in the container have a lesser amount of soil. As a result, the amount of food supplied to the plant in the container is much lesser. Regular fertilization can help provide the essential nutrients to the tomato plant, helping it grow properly.

Tomatoes are a versatile ingredient that is used commonly in soups, salads, snacks, salsas and much more. To relish the taste of freshly grown tomatoes, opting for tomato container gardening would be a perfect choice.

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