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Simple Strawberry Pot Fountain Concepts For Your Garden Patio

Simple Strawberry Pot Fountain Concepts For Your Garden Patio

This is a simple garden project, which can give your yard some charm and the calming noise of water. Strawberry pot foundations are an excellent way of livening up a boring garden patio. Lots of experienced gardeners say that a garden is incomplete unless it has a water element to inject your garden with some serenity and peace. Strawberry pot fountains – in addition to giving your patio garden the calming sounds of running water – double as a wonderful birdbath.

The Appeal of Strawberry Pot Fountains

If you’re attempting to pick a project for weekend gardening, what is the appeal of strawberry pot fountains? You could, of course, just go to your nearest nursery and buy a premade fountain. There’s an indescribable sense of achievement in making a water garden fountain yourself. One reason why strawberry pot fountains have grown in popularity is that they add motion and life to otherwise boring gardens. The constant trickling noise of water is extremely relaxing and harmonious. With a subtle trickle, you do not need to worry about damaging or splashing a wooden deck, like you do with fountains that are more powerful.

Strawberry Pot Fountain Basic Design

The fundamental design of strawberry pot fountains is fairly straightforward. Utilize a low terracotta bowl to create the foundation base. This will catch the water as it falls from the fountain. Utilize a terracotta azalea pot, which is broader than its height. At the base of the bowl, you will turn over the terracotta azalea, which will support the pot.

Also, this area will conceal the recirculating pump. Water is directed through transparent tubing, which is stored inside the strawberry pump. After the water flows through the transparent tubing, it is sent through the transparent tubing inside the strawberry pot. Next, the water gurgles out of the top, then into a saucer. From there, it trickles down the saucer rim and ends up in the low bowl.

Practical Considerations When Building Strawberry Fountain Pots

Here are a few practical considerations you should take into account when constructing a strawberry fountain pot of your own. Four hours is the approximate time estimate for finishing this task, however, you will have to allow the pot to dry for a minimum of two days. It costs about $225 to make one of these pots. With regards to equipment, you will need a bucket, a paintbrush, a round file, a pair of shears, and several drills and masonry bits in a range of sizes.

The fundamental components of strawberry pot fountains are a tapered terracotta bowl, which is roughly eight inches deep and twenty-four inches wide, a terracotta strawberry pot, which is approximately thirteen inches tall and fourteen inches wide, a terracotta azalea pot, which is ten inches wide and seven inches deep, a nine inch wide terracotta saucer (which can sit nicely on the strawberry pot), a pump with a two foot adjustable flow, a plastic saucer, transparent vinyl tubing, a river rock bag, a brass bell reducer, a close nipple made of brass, a pipe thread adapter made of brass, a waterproof adhesive, some terracotta vinyl sealer, about six single gallon water plants and some silicone sealer.

Fundamental Steps for Assembling Strawberry Pot Fountains

Start by sealing the terracotta pots, enabling them to dry out for a minimum of twenty-four hours. Drill some holes, file the silt, then get the brass fittings installed. Carry out the saucer installation, then place some waterproof adhesive on the base of the saucer. After you have assembled the brass fittings, you need to put all the fountain pieces together, then add the water and the plants.

Take heed of the above advice and you will be amazed by the improvement in your garden. Strawberry pot foundations can give your outdoor space a wonderful atmosphere. Take the time to learn how to install them properly and you can start enjoying the benefits yourself.

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Simple Strawberry Pot Fountain Concepts For Your Garden Patio

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