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Selecting A Goat: Useful Tips For Livestock Farmers

So, you have made a decision that you are going to rear goats, and you want to know the best goat varieties. Before you begin your search, you should determine your primary reason for rearing goats. Goats are popular because of their milk, fiber, and meat. Some people raise goats as pets. Others do so with a profit intention. What will be your motivation for raising goats? Why do you want to buy a goat? Your purpose will make you know the best goat to purchase.

The following are tips for selecting a goat based on your purpose of rearing a goat.


If you want to raise goats for their meat, the perfect choice will be the South African Boer goat variety. This is considered by animal experts as the best meat-yielding goat variety because it grows fast and has a strong immunity against most goat diseases. The other goat breeds which yield high-quality meat include Kiko, Myotonic, West African Dwarf, Spanish, and Brush.

When selecting a meat-yielding goat, do not select any breed. You need to carefully inspect a goat to ensure that it has a healthy appearance for your purpose. You should choose a goat that looks heavy and wide. In addition, its body should be stocky and square, and its back part must be thick and flat.


Goat milk has low lactose, making it a perfect alternative for cow milk. It is ideal for lactose intolerant individuals who desire the nutritional benefits of milk.

When choosing a goat for its milk, the two most important factors to consider are breed and appearance. Nubian and Nigerian goats are the best milk-producing goat breeds. This is due to the fact that they yield large amounts of milk. Alpine goat is also another good breed for milk production but it is difficult to raise because it is very aggressive.

In relation to appearance issues, you should opt for milking goats that have a healthy bone structure. The udder of the goat indicates its milk producing ability. A goat with a firm udder that is free from scars and bumps will be the best choice.


Some people raise goats for their fiber. They produce cashmere, mohair and wool fibers. Angora goats are the best fiber yielding goats. This is because they produce wool that has a beautiful appearance and a silky texture. Angora goats need a great deal of attention and care because they are more delicate compared to other kinds of goats.


A goat can make a great pet if it is bred for companionship. When looking for a pet goat, search for a neutered one. These have a better temperament than those that are not neutered. Non-neutered male goats tend to be uncontrollable and very aggressive at times.

It is also a great idea to select small-sized goats or pygmies because they are relatively easier to raise as pets. Caring for a full-sized goat is harder than caring for their smaller counterparts. You can find mini versions of the popular goat varieties such as La Mancha and Nubian, in a local pet store.

Goats are highly versatile because they have many uses. Thus, they are a great livestock option. The best goat breed for you depends on what you want to do with the goat.

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