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Did you know that you can extend the Life and improve the Health of your beloved pet?

Today close to 50 percent of pets develop CANCER at some point.

I don’t know about you, but this seems scary and unacceptable to me. I’m on a mission to Reduce this dramatically.

Dear pet lovers, I’m Thomas Sandberg, The Founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects, The World’s Largest Study Into Raw Feeding of Dogs and Cats.

Everything that I am about to reveal to you has been thoroughly tested on my own pets, and many others, over the last 17 years. So I know IT WORKS.

How and why did I come up with such an ambitious project?

Tragically, I lost a dog to cancer. I will never forget the emotional suffering and pain involved in watching my dearest friend losing that battle.

I’m very sure that my STORY relates to some of you in a profound way.

You’ll get to know more about my mission below. I also provide consulting services for many years to countless pet owners throughout those years.

So during my journey, I get an increasing number of requests regularly for help from desperate pet owners with dog and cats suffering from cancer.

It’s no surprise that every single one of them has been on a KIBBLE fed diet. It literally BREAKS MY HEARTup to the core every time I meet one. The pain and heartbreak these owners go through, I can relate too since I have been there.

Knowing that this can be avoided is difficult since I can’t get the WORD out to everyone. That is one of the reasons I started this study.

These painful experiences have left me with such a relentless determination to make a DIFFERENCE not only in the life of pets under my care but others.

That’s why after so many years of intensive observational study since 2,000 with thousands of raw fed dogs and cats, I’ve been able to gather a mountain of data that I’ll share with you in an eBook that I’ve developed.

I decided to wait 10 years before I published my simplified version of raw feeding because testing my method on a breed that is known to live short lives, like the Great Dane with a usual lifespan of 6-8 years, would tell me if I was on the right track. Over time, I made small refinements to my method.

Therefore, you can be confident that you’re getting something substantial and powerful that will positively IMPACT the life of your beloved pet.

It’s a comprehensive eBook to start your dog or cat on a raw food diet that will promote a long healthy life and dramatically reduce the risk of your pet getting cancer down the road.

Over the past 17 years, I have studied everything related to cancer in pets and come up with a simple effective protocol that anyone can afford.

This alone is worth the book since treating cancer can easily get into $3k to $10K. Not to mention the emotional horror that goes with witnessing your pet suffering from the disease and the treatments.

Cancer prevention has become my most important research after witnessing hundreds of pets with this disease. I firmly believe based on the date I have collected from thousands of pets that the risk of cancer can be reduced dramatically.

So why do I think raw is right? I have thousands of cases that show switching to a raw food diet from kibble makes a pet healthier. After seeing this for over 17 years, there is no doubt left in my mind that dogs and cats thrive on a raw food diet.

One thing I found is that pet cannot sustain a healthy immune system unless it is fed a raw food diet. There is no way around it.

This makes total sense since dogs and cats are categorized as carnivores and therefore equipped with a digestive system of a carnivore and this system has not changed over these past thousands of years.

Too many pets just DIE from cancer. I know it can be prevented in most cases and many lives could be saved by making sure that pet owners like you have the right INFORMATION.

In fact, there’s strong evidence that cancer is closely related to the commercial food we regularly feed our dogs, which in many cases may be the most convenient thing to do.

There are many good books on raw feeding out there but some leave you confused and afraid of doing something WRONG.

Raw feeding is not complicated. It doesn’t have to be. The challenge for most is how to Get Started. This eBook will help you with that.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence and wanting to switch to a homemade raw food diet yet are unsure how to do it, then it’s time to see the results for yourself.

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