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Raw organs for pets Keeps Your cat In Top Shape

Cats are known to be carnivorous when it comes to their food habits. They inherently contain skills which make them hunt and kill the prey for their food. It would be a misconception on your part if you expect them to eat leftovers of food made for yourself and stay healthy. Hence, it would still be best if you serve your pet cat with food which suits its digestive system.
Cats need a diet which is high in proteins and contains adequate quantities of taurine, vitamin A, and fatty arachidonic acid. The arachidonic acid is found in ample quantities in animal tissues. This makes it extremely essential to feed your cat with raw organs for pets rich in animal fat.

Humans have begun to notice their diets are filled with preservatives and other ingredients they no longer want to eat. The corn
industry is taking a large hit as the prevalence of high fructose corn syrup, as well as the knowledge that livestock is consuming large amounts of corn, has been put under the microscope of science.

Corn and corn derivatives are found in almost every kind of processed food there is, as well as being the main ingredient in what is fed to livestock which alters the fatty acid content of their meat. Corn is full of something called omega-6 which is an essential fatty acid.

Lab experiments have shown that increased consumption of omega-6 fatty acids, in the form of corn oil can cause an increase in tumor growth. While the correlation is strong, causation has not pointed the finger of blame fully on corn, but people are now changing their eating habits accordingly.

A raw cat food diet is the best option for any animal and you will start to see some shocking changes for the better in your cat. Unlike the large amounts of stool that pet parents are used to, the switch to raw food will drastically cut down the amount of stool that is produced, and it will be harder, smaller, and less smelly.

All ingredients in raw organs for pets are formulated for a cat’s health in mind. Exact ratios of various meats, fruits, and vegetables, as well as supplements, are mixed for the purpose of enabling a better and more stream lined digestion.

If you check out commercially prepared cat foods which are known to contain grain and corn which then create health problems in your cat. Furthermore, the more processed and cooked food served to them does not clean their teeth effectively and hence do not serve the desired purpose.

Homemade Cat Food is best for one and all, be it for yourself or your pet. This because you can ensure the food is fresh and prepared in extremely hygienic conditions. In fact dedicated pet owners are known to get meat, bone, and organs especially ground either by butchers or by themselves to serve their cats with quality raw food diets. They also ensure these meals are enriched with multivitamins on a regular basis.

A section of cat owners believes cats should be served with wing tips and meaty neck bones in raw form. Depending on their size and weight, they should be served with either whole portions or in pieces. They can also be served with muscle and organ meat sourced from chicken, beef, and lamb. In case some cats are unable to chew the bones, they should be served in a grounded form.

Raw Cat Food should also be supplemented with cod liver oil, fatty acids, enzymes and taurine at desired intervals. You could even supplement their raw cat food diet with a fresh vegetable such broccoli, carrots, squash and potatoes in a raw form. Apart from them, cats can also be served with fruits such as apples, cranberries, and bananas while grains such as barley, brown rice, and oats in whole, ground or sprouted form.

As we prefer variety in our meals, serving your pet cat with a variety of meals on a rotational basis goes a long way in ensuring their health. At the same time, serving the meals with love and affection generate a degree of positivism between you and your pet cat and thus enhancing your bond to a great extent. Make sure you serve your cat with the right raw organs for pets and ensure it enjoys good health and an active lifestyle for a longer lifespan.

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