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Rabbits Make Great Pets

Rabbits Make Great Pets

Why not consider a rabbit if you are thinking of getting a new pet. Rabbits are the perfect pet for a couple with no children or a family with older kids. You may find it hard to believe that rabbits are loving creatures, but in fact, they are affectionate pets and fun to own. A trained house rabbit will answer when called and rabbits can be trained to use a litter tray. From time to time, a cat will sulk, but rabbits are always cheerful.

Rabbits and young children

Sadly rabbits are not the best choice of pet for young children. By nature, a rabbit is fragile and timid, so boisterous children and rabbits are not a great combination. However, rabbits make great pets for older kids, teens, and adults. A pet rabbit is a faithful, loyal companion, a friend that enjoys attention, needs cuddles and laps up love.

Rabbits are smart pet

A rabbit is far more than a cuddly pet. Rabbits are smart, highly intelligent creatures that have a habit of trying to outsmart their owners. A bright rabbit can get up to mischief and these agile pets are great escapologists. On the other hand, these cuddly beasts lap-up attention and love to play. The average rabbit doesn’t want to play on its own, the furry creature wants you to interact and join him in play. Experienced rabbit keepers know they must rabbit-proof their house, or at least protect a couple of rooms. A nosy rabbit will enjoy wandering from room to room on the lookout for a tasty morsel.

Rabbits are different from cats and dogs

Cats and dogs enjoy being held, but the average rabbit may not want to be held. If you pick the rabbit up for a few seconds daily and hold him gently, then he may decide he enjoys being held. However, in general, the rabbit is a sociable creature, unlike a cat.

Rabbits need a hutch and a little space to roam; hence they are the ideal pet for someone who lives in an apartment. Rabbits are quiet animals and this is a good trait in a pet. As a rule of thumb, the cage should be five times the size of the rabbit and should be positioned in a convenient corner of the room. Certain pets get under your feet, but that sentiment doesn’t apply to rabbits.

Rabbits are perfect pets. They are smart, funny, furry and beautiful creatures. You will enjoy chatting, playing and spending time with your new pet, but it should come as no surprise to find you are covered in rabbit hair after a cuddle.

One thing is certain

Give a rabbit a home, love and play with the creature, learn his habits and you will fall head over heels in love with your little furry friend. In fact, you will begin to feel sorry for your lonely rabbit and end up buying him a mate. Beware of the outcome if you own a buck and a doe as rabbits reproduce quickly.

Rabbits have many attributes; in fact, a rabbit has everything people look for in a pet. Cats and dogs are high maintenance, but rabbits are easy to care for. Maybe a rabbit would be your idea of the perfect family pet.

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Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

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