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Quick And Simple Projects To Make Your Garden Stand Out

Quick And Simple Projects To Make Your Garden Stand Out

Is your garden a little stale? You can do lots of quick and simple projects to make your garden stand out. All it takes are common tools, easy to find materials, and a bit of time during weekends. Start with the following and make up your own as you go along:

Soothing Half-Barrel Fountain

The sounds of nature provide a calming effect. This includes the continuous rush of water in streams, rivers, and beaches. You can mimic these in your own space by creating a fountain. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. There is no need to hire a contractor or spend thousands of dollars on the materials.

Just get a half-barrel planter or something similar for the focal point. A plastic liner, a pump, and tubes will also be necessary. Connect all of them to fill the barrel with water and have the excess recirculate to complete the loop. You can change the colors to have them blend better with the environment.

Wind Chimes For Your Garden

Another way to fill your garden with the sounds of nature is to make some wind chimes. There is no need to buy a new one as you can use recycled household items to create your own pieces. Look for old metal objects like keys and spoons that can make nice sounds when they bump into each other. Hang them using wires and clothes hangers. You can also add CDs at intervals for visual effects. These can look really good when the light hits as they dance in the wind. The reflections can even ward off the pests.

Splash Some Color with Painted Pots

There is no better way to liven up a space than to add a splash of color. You can do this quickly by painting the pots according to your preferred combination. If you are feeling creative, then stencil a pattern and use a different hue for each part for a dazzling design. Just be sure to use good quality paints and prolong their life by applying protective sealants. Choose colors that blend well with the flowers in your garden. Use the color wheel to find perfect pairs that are pleasing to the eyes.

Window Boxes For Highlights

If the garden is close to the home, then the house exteriors will have a big effect on its overall look. Pay close attention to the nearby windows and try to make them better with a few treatments. One thing you could try is placing window boxes under them as a throwback to the classic look of yesteryears. Any material would be fine including plastic, metal or wooden boxes. Just paint them over if you want to achieve a certain style. Find eye-catching annuals and plant them here to add warmth. Once you have gathered all the materials, the project can be completed in half a day.

All-Natural Stepping Stones

If the garden has an elevated platform, then consider adding steps to make it more accessible. There is no need to get a contractor for this as you can always do it on your own. Even the materials can be obtained for free since all you need are stones from your backyard. Collect as much as you can and stack them up to reasonable heights for each step. You can use cement mixture to keep them in place. There are also stones available at gardening shops.

Enchanting Lights In The Dark

Brighten up the night with decorative lights. Place them at strategic locations around the garden to make it easy to go around in the dark and create a charming backdrop for special occasions. Solar lights are particularly apt as they have independent energy sources so you won’t have to worry about wiring.

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Quick And Simple Projects To Make Your Garden Stand Out

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