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Positive Thoughts On Dog Toilet Training

Positive Thoughts On Dog Toilet Training

Dog toilet training is simply so important since none of us can accurately predict when and where your dog will be going to the toilet. It is so important they be taught to go where they are supposed to go and that means learning how best to “hold it”. They must be taught to understand they are not living in the wild and cannot simply just go wherever it is they want to.

It Takes Patience And Consistency To Toilet Train Your Dog

It is never a very simple task to toilet train your dog. It truly requires your giving them consistent attention when possible and trying to maintain that consistency on a daily basis. Doing this will help to make the overall job somewhat easier and ensure positive results. If your personal schedule keeps you out of the house for extended periods of time on a daily basis, obviously this complicates matters as the house becomes the only place your dog can go and of course, they do have to go.

At the start, your dog will go where it is they are standing while you are not home, but after a while, they will come around to one certain area to take care of their business. As this starts to come about, you can remove the papers laid out from the further distances and narrow them down to that particular area they are going in.

As you narrow those papers down, if you find they are missing what you have laid out at all, extend again just a bit and gradually bring down the amount laid out until the animal is comfortable dealing with the specific target area. You will also find that they will gain better control of their bladder movements as they age a bit.

Spending Time With Your Dog Is Vital

Try and spend as much time as possible with your dog when you are home. Doing so will greatly help make the dog toilet training flow easier. Try to regularly take the dog outside every 45 minutes to 1 hour and when the dog goes outside and takes care of business, enthusiastically and happily praise them.

Make certain that you carry this effort on each and every time they take care of their business outside. They will begin to understand that this is the place they should be going and will make greater efforts moving forward to control their bladder and hold off until you can, in fact, get them outside. This process does work but you have to be aware that it can and will take some time and require some patience on your part.


Understand that your dog does not know any better at the start, so do not excessively scold them for going to the toilet in the house. Try to remember that until we learned better, we all took care of our business in our diapers. Dogs are very similar to us in that sense. Until they are taught to do things differently, they simply go! Keep in mind that the dog is not going to be perfectly trained until they reach the age of about six months or so, so please be patient and know that the end results will be so satisfying!

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Positive Thoughts On Dog Toilet Training

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