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Plant These Edible Flowers In Your Yard

Plant These Edible Flowers In Your Yard

Edible landscaping is a wonderful way to use gardening for multiple purposes. Plant edible plants in your garden and they will not only look beautiful but also serve as a reliable food source. They provide a bountiful harvest as well as a treat for the senses in terms of smell, sight, and taste. The following are a few edible flowers that can be included in your present landscaping. There are also a few great tips on how to utilize them once they are harvested.


Lilacs are purple flowers that grow in small clusters. These beautiful flowers are often candied and added to delicious food and drink treats such as sorbets. It is said that lilacs have the medicinal power to lower fevers.


The beneficial properties of a daisy include both its white petals and its inside yellow sections. Its leaves are not only edible, but they also have medicinal benefits. For example, the daisy has loads of Vitamin C. Do you have cold symptoms? It is suggested that the daisy can help reduce coughs. Are you experiencing indigestion problems? The daisy can help provide relief.


The chamomile and daisy look somewhat the same. Both have white petals with an inside yellow section. Chamomile provides soothing relief for both topical and internal forms. This flower has plenty of medicinal uses, which is why it is very popular.


The calendula is a very vibrant and colorful flower. It is a popular staple in numerous herbal remedies. Because it is a mixture of both yellow, orange and gold colors, it is a good flower decoration. Indeed, the calendula is an edible flower. However, it has a bitter taste and is usually used as just a cake or cupcake topper.


Every section of the pansy is edible. Some sections are mild-flavored, whereas others have a wintergreen flavor. There are many intense colors of pansies, which means they can be used as decorations for baking creations such as cupcakes, cakes, muffins, and sorbet. Pansies have also been known to add flavor and beauty to ice cubes. Just drop them in water and freeze.


Chives have beautiful, but small purple flowers. They not only add flavor to foods but add a beautiful pop of color. Chives are colorful flowers that are a great addition to soups or any type of spread such as cream cheese. Once you taste them, you will be amazed at how much flavor and color they provide.

As you can see, adding edible flowers to your landscaping is very advantageous. There are many different choices, which means that it’s easy to mix and match to obtain your preferred colors and flavors. Add edible flowers to landscaping, and you will find that they have many different purposes. Get into to the habit of doing more with them than just growing them in your yard. Bring them inside and add them to your dinner buffet.

  • Grow these plants naturally without the aid of pesticides. Keep in mind that they will eventually grace your dinner plate. So, going the organic route is recommended. You will soon discover that edible flowers can do more than just look beautiful in a vase. Experiment with various varieties of edible flowers. Beautify your landscaping as well as add delicious flavors to your eating routine.

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Why You Should Consider Planting Those Edible Flowers In Your Yard

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