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How To Deal With Male Cat Spraying

How To Deal With Male Cat Spraying

Male cats are notorious for spraying especially when they are in a new location. If you brought home a cat in recent times and it seems to be spraying around the home, there is no need to panic. It is characteristic of all animals in the cat family, ranging from lions, cheetahs and even home cats to mark their territories.

These animals are highly territorial and once they make a place their home, they mark the edges of the home to keep other cats away. A cat usually sprays at the edges of the compound and the house, including the windows and the door.


However, the spraying is usually short-lived. A cat that feels at home and is not threatened, is less likely to spray. When a cat that has been living with you for sometimes suddenly starts spraying, chances are it is either threatened or sick. 

Causes Of Cat Spraying

1) Health Issues

A cat that is suffering from kidney diseases or has a bacterial bladder infection will start urinating close intervals. In this case, the cat is not spraying on purpose but rather due to the urinary system complications.

When your cat starts spraying, the first step you should take is to call a vet and have it examined. If the cat has urinary complications, it can be treated and stop the issue. However, if the cat does not have any health complications, then the chances are the factors causing the spraying are psychological.

2) Physical Injury 

An injured cat may show various signs and one of them is spraying. A cat that is injured may develop a condition known as fecal incontinence. This condition causes the cat to lose control of its defecation and hence it may leave stool around the house randomly.

The condition is caused by a nerves system breakdown- which may be due to various forms of injuries such as spinal cord damage or it may be caused by a tumor.

3) Hostile treatment

When the cat is receiving hostile treatment at home, either from the cat owner or other animals, the cat tunes itself into a protective mode. The cat is scared and therefore, its first instinct is to mark its territories by urinating around certain areas.

When a cat is experiencing such insecurities, healing can be started by making sure that it feels comfortable. You could try separating it from other animals at home that may be causing the scare. In most cases, if new male cats are spotted in the neighborhood, the cat is more likely to start spraying.

4) How To Deal With Spraying

When you have a spraying cat, your home will probably start stinking. There are various ways of ensuring that the bad smell does not take over your home. First, you need to clean any spots of urine on the seats and carpets using a detergent.

Once you are through, you need to spray the house with an air freshener to kill smell from any spots that you may have missed. This will reduce the bad smell for a while. However, the bigger picture is finding a way to stop the cat from spraying at all.

Confront The Spraying Problem

To stop the cat from spraying, start by analyzing all the possible causes of spraying. Talk to a vet and see if the cat has any injuries, bacterial infection or kidney diseases.

If the vet proves that the cat is healthy, it is time to start retracing your steps. Look around the home as well as the neighborhood for clues of any threats to the cat.

If you have either been treating the cut harshly or anyone in the family is, it is time to change your approach. If you introduced a new pet at home, either a dog or another cat, you should try separating the two as much as possible. Most importantly if you changed your cat’s diet or its lifestyle pattern, you should also consider taking it back to routine. 

If the cat continues spraying, you may help by giving it some lessons. You could use a cat expert to train your cat and enforce the use of cat’s litter box. Once the cat feels comfortable being at home, all the spraying will stop. However, if the spraying is due to medical conditions, you should seek treatment for your cat immediately. 

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Dealing With Male Cat Spraying Issues

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