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Livestock in Focus: Andalusian Horses

The word livestock usually refers to animals that are raised to be a source of food, fiber or provide labor. One of the most popular livestock animals is the horse. There are various breeds of horses out there that can be raised for food, mobility, and labor, however, the Andalusian horse remains the most sought after.

If you are a fan of the “Lord of the Rings” movies, you will most probably have noticed the gorgeous horse that carried the hobbit Frodo to the Ford of Bruinen.

Those who have followed each sequel religiously will have noticed the sturdy horse by the name of Asfaloth. This was, in fact, a living, breeding live horse and not a computer generated image as most people would like to believe. The breed of that beautiful horse was Andalusian. It is one of the most elegant and graceful looking horse breeds known to man and raised by people.

These horses were used by royalty due to their sturdiness and reliable stance. This is why they were the breed of choice for the Roman and Greek royalties. Although they possess such grace, these horses are also known to be vigorous and extremely strong. They are also able to endure all types of physical activities and exhaustion.

Pure Breed

Andalusian horses are known to have pure breeds. The breed originates from the Iberian Peninsula of Spain, according to studies. This region is perfect for raising livestock due to its conducive environment, responsible citizenry and abundance of natural resources.

Since these are pure breeds, it is estimated that more 80% of Andalusian horses are gray in color. You will also find them in chestnut, bay, and black colors. If you find an Andalusian horse in any other color, it is definitely cross-bred. So this is one indicator that you can use to determine whether a horse is a pure breed or not.

The Andalusian horses look somewhat different to other breeds of horses. They have impeccable bones structure and possess extremely rounded and clean legs. They are also taller than most other breeds and have convex-profiled heads that are large. You will also notice that they have long, shiny and beautiful manes.

What Are Andalusian Horses Used For?

Andalusian horses have been raised for various purposes, throughout the years. Spanish horse breeders have raised them for bullfighting as well as cattle and farm work. Other breeders invest in these horses for equestrian activities. The speed and physical agility of this breed make them ideal for sporting and recreational events such as racing, dressage and show jumping.

The animals are considered beasts of burden in various parts of the world. They are often domesticated in rural areas to help farmers carry out rigorous farming jobs. Other parts of the world use them for transportation. These horses are also easy to ride and maneuver. By adding a cart to the horse, you can transport a number of people or goods using just one horse.

Horse Attitude

These horses are known to be intelligent and therefore easy to teach. This also makes them ideal for dressage, where the rider uses hand movements to maneuver the horses running direction. Taming is easily done as they are docile animals. They rarely become aggressive, even when thoroughly provoked which makes it safe for people to be around them and easy to tame them.

Andalusian horses are truly one of the most lovable, graceful, and reliable horses you can find. If you are considering raising animals for livestock or farming purposes, this is one of the best breeds of horses that you will be able to find.

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