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Importance Of Dog Obedience Training And Socialization

Importance Of Dog Obedience Training And Socialization

Bringing a pet home can be fun but can also require a pet owner to fulfill certain obligations. Dogs are social animals and will behave like animals if they are not given proper training. Dogs usually do things out of habit. If a wrong habit is tolerated, the canine will never be able to outgrow it, making life difficult for his owner. One of the best ways to prevent or treat such behavioral problems is to start early with the obedience lessons.

Beginning dog obedience and socialization training early help redirect your pet’s natural behavior, habits, and temperament in a direction that is more acceptable in a domestic setting. Puppies are young and do not have a mind of their own. They are completely dependent on you and will follow all your instructions diligently. Using leadership skills, you can guide your pet and help him develop good habits and let go of the bad ones.

Dog Training At Home

When young dogs are brought to a new place, they often do annoying things including barking, chewing or crying. It is important for you to understand that it will take some time for the pet to adjust to his new environment. It is, therefore, advisable that you start with house training activities by introducing new areas to his pet and begin with some basic obedience training.

Starting dog training as early as possible is one of the best ways by which you can correct his old ways. However, when training, it is important that you do not become violent with your pet if he fails to understand your command quickly. Potty training or leash training your pet cannot be achieved overnight and will require you to reward, praise or encourage your dog to train him.

Nevertheless, if necessary impose a punishment in a way that will not agitate your pet and cause him to fight back. For example, ignoring him if you disliked his behavior will make your pet do what he is told to do to get back your attention.

Learning Socialization Skills

The best time to teach your pet socialization skills is during his first 16 weeks of puppyhood. Since a dog enters adulthood after this period of time, teaching socialization skills to your when young can help bring about change in his behavior, habits, temperament, and character.

The socialization period is also a time when your dog becomes familiar with the house and adjusts with people in the household. To make him become familiar with the environment, take him out for a walk. In doing so, your pet will become more familiar with the outside world and will not go wild whenever he sees people, objects or animals that are unfamiliar to him.

Obedience training can help enrich your relationship with your pet and make living together fun and enjoyable. However, one of the most important factors to consider during dog obedience and socialization training is to exercise patience with your pet. Pets often act what they see. Therefore, if your pet lacks maturity, it is your duty and responsibility to handle the matter with care.

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Uncover Why Dog Obedience Training And Socialization Is Important For Your Dog

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