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Ideal Landscape Design Options For The Urban Home

Ideal Landscape Design Options For The Urban Home

In the typical urban, fast-paced environment, opportunities to get a glimpse of green spaces are quite scarce. Amidst the high-rise skyscrapers, pollution and noise, the park is perhaps the only place that fits within the definition. Otherwise, you’d have to go out of town to enjoy a perfectly natural setting.

Considering the typical busy schedule of most urban dwellers, this isn’t often feasible. But the scarcity of green spaces doesn’t mean you have to be confined to the concrete jungle for life. With some clever urban design tips, you could enjoy the beautiful sight of nature right from your home.

Small Equals Big

Just because you have a small space for the yard doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make use of the best design elements. It is practically possible to meet most landscaping objectives, the size of your yard notwithstanding. Still, how well you plan will greatly determine whether or not your efforts bear fruit.

So take your¬†time to properly plan your project. The most important things to take into account include your yard’s outline, as well as the kind of plants and materials you will use. If necessary, you may do some research to make the design task much easier.

Keep your Highlights Realistic

Staying within realistic boundaries while designing your space is critical in ensuring the success of your landscaping project. For the most part, this means that the items you use to create highlight areas have to be proportional to your space. You also need to space these items appropriately so that your yard doesn’t appear too crammed.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t place a few striking elements here and there. For instance, a birdbath could effectively be used in place of a fountain or a pond. Besides being significantly cheaper, such a compact water element will also be easier to maintain.

While it doesn’t have the elegance of a large fountain, a birdbath is still an excellent focal point for a smaller space. Another great option to create a point of attraction is a small rock. Look for rocks whose size is proportional to the area of your yard.

Use the Right Build

If you live in a suburban area, the larger size of your home may allow an outward build. This would however not be a feasible option for mid-city dwellings. Due to the limited space, an upward build would be more appropriate. Raised flower beds and container gardening are good examples of suitable style options for such settings.

Color and Harmony

No matter the size of the yard, all landscape elements need to be integrated harmoniously. This means that all the design components have to complement each other in expressing a consistent style. Clever use of color can help you do this, in addition to creating an illusion of space within the small area.

To make the yard appear larger than it actually is, you could use colors like blue and green. Blue spruce and Alberta pine are some of the plants you could use within the space. You could also explore other suitable color options that will change how your garden appears to the eyes of observers.

A compact yard can make a big difference in the aesthetic appeal of your property. To kick-start your project, first gets acquainted with the elements of urban landscape design. Not only will this make your work easier, but it will also ensure your yard project bears fruit.

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The Best Landscape Design Options For The Urban Home

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