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How To Raise Healthy Goats

How To Raise Healthy Goats

Goats have been raised by people due to various factors. While some people keep them for monetary reasons, there are others who love to have them as pets. Generally, goats are raised to provide fresh nutritious milk, meat, mohair or cashmere and can also graze the grasslands and clear the landscape.

Goats are raised more commonly in developing countries for the production of milk and other dairy products. Although keeping goats at home does not demand much of your effort, it is important that you take proper care of them to keep them happy and healthy.

Dry bedding

To provide goat’s proper shelter, ensure that you provide them with a dry bedding during the winter or wet season. Providing them adequate shelter that can help them stay dry during the rainy season and stay protected from in the intense heat of the sun is also important when raising goats.

When sheltering goats, ensure that you shelter no less than two goats. Goats are pack animals and love to have a companion with them. The absence of a companion can cause the animal to lose his appetite and make him feel lonely.

When keeping goats at home, ensure your goats are fenced

Keeping the goats in a fenced area not only prevents other wild or domesticated animals from entering into their pens but also protects your goats from becoming a prey to other animals. In addition, it will also prevent them from contracting a disease from other animal carriers.

Allowing them to have a quick access to quality feeding and providing them with regular supplementation of minerals and vitamins is also essential to help your goats stay healthy.

The diet of goat

Goats always prefer eating fresh hay. Therefore, when stacking hay for feeding, ensure that the hay does not sit on the ground for extended periods of time. This can cause the hay to get dirty or moldy and can make the goats ignore it.

However, if you have too much of hay stacked up n your barn, take care to keep it clean and ready to be consumed by the goats during feeding. This will not only help reduce wastage but will also keep your goats away from getting infected by parasites or any ground-borne disease.

In addition, introduce your goats to new fresh green hay or pasture occasionally. This will help provide your goat with a different variety of feed as well as prevent them from getting ill or bloated.


Although goats are hardy animals, getting them vaccinated regularly is very important to keep them healthy. Collecting all the required information about goat vaccination from a local veterinarian can be helpful in getting the vaccinations done regularly.

Vaccinating your goats regularly may require spending some money. However, spending a small amount is practically a better option when compared to having to spend thousands of dollars for treating diseases that could be having prevented with regular vaccination.

Taking good care of the animal is a primary responsibility of every goat owner. Raising goats not only help withdrawn people out of their shell but also help lift their spirit and lower a patient’s blood pressure. Children are fascinated by the fun-loving nature of the goats and love playing with these clever and playful creatures. What’s more — goats are affectionate, entertaining and loving animals that can one’s life worth living.

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