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How To Handle Dog Dehydration Problems

Dehydrated Treats For Pets

Dehydration is caused when dogs lose too much body fluids. Minerals called electrolytes are also lost when the dog becomes dehydrated. Dehydration in dogs can cause some severe health problems if left untreated. Since dogs are unable to sweat they release excess heat by panting. If a dog pants hard for a long time, it can lead to dehydration.One of the best ways to avoid dehydration is to always have sufficient shelter and fresh, clean water available for the dog. Heat stroke is a common cause of dogs becoming dehydrated. There are other causes of dehydration, such as severe vomiting or diarrhea or fever.

Dehydration Symptoms

The first sign of dehydration will be the pet panting heavily. Another thing to check is the elasticity of the pet’s skin and the condition of the dog’s gums. By gently pinching up a fold of skin on either the dog’s neck or head you can gauge how dehydrated the pet is.

When a dog has plenty of fluids, the fold of skin will return to its place very quickly, when the dog is dehydrated it will return slowly. The dog’s gums should be moist and slick. If a dog is dehydrated, the gums will be sticky and dry.

If the pet is showing signs of dehydration, the first thing to do is to check the level of dehydration. If the dog is severely dehydrated, it is essential to get veterinarian care as soon as possible. Dogs with a serious fluid loss can not drink enough water to correct the loss of electrolytes and fluid. If dogs drink to much water, they will vomit and lose even more fluids.

Rehydrating Your Dog

It is important to re-hydrate the dog slowly. Rather than using plain water, give the dog an electrolyte supplement. Pedialyte is a good choice for treatment, avoid sports drinks that have sugar as they can cause diarrhea. Give the dog small amounts of the fluid at very frequent intervals. If the dog is unable to drink on its own, use a medicine syringe and place the fluids in its mouth. The rate should be three ccs per pound of body weight.

People concerned about their health would never eat highly processed food with toxic preservatives, trans fats, and tons of salt or MSG. That would be unthinkable for them or their family. To ensure that the other member of the household–the loyal dog–won’t suffer from an inferior diet, the answer is a raw dog food diet.

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