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How To Design And Plant Veggie Gardens

Planting veggie gardens can be a wonderful experience for you if it interests you. The first thing you will have to know is how to lay out the garden. The second thing you will have to know is how to plant the veggies. The type of vegetable that you choose to grow will have a lot to do with the way you lay out the garden. 

The choice is yours. The following are some tips that can truly help you out in your journey:

Planning The Garden Specifics

The very first decision you will have to make before you start your garden planting is what type of vegetable you want to plant. You must decide on that first before you can do anything else because the veggie changes the layout of the entire garden. These are some of the elements that you will need to consider before you start:

  • Choice of vegetable
  • Space in your garden
  • Amendments for soil
  • Space that you have in your garden
  • The drainage system specifics
  • Any additional space that you may have

Consider whether you would like to grow just one vegetable or if you would like to grow many different types of vegetables. Next, you’ll want to conduct some research on lighting so that you will know how much each of your veggies needs for survival. You will need the specifics on the space that your veggies need, as well.

Create a list for yourself that has all various plant types that you may want to plant. Then you will need to review all of the various plants that you want to plant and see how you want to integrate them into your garden scheme.

Selecting The Garden’s Layout

The next step is selecting your garden’s layout. You can choose from three different layouts which are:

Rows: Rows are the layouts that almost everyone chooses. The person who uses the row layout simply plants the seeds in a row. Some people prefer to put one type of seed in a single row while other people may opt to put different seeds in a row.

Bed: The bed layout is another popular option. This is the best option if the person wants to prevent people from stepping on the beds. The way they plant is they plant the seeds in such a way that people have to access them from the rear of the garden instead of the front.

Potager: The potager style is a gorgeous and highly decorative style. The person who is planting will usually arrange the garden in circular sections according to the color of the¬†plants. The word “potager” is a French term that means “kitchen garden.”

Start Thinking About Companion Planting

Companion planting is a cute and beneficial idea for the plants. The concept of companion planting is to plant different types of items together so that they can aid each other and support each other in growth. For example, one may plan squash with corn. Companion planting can also save you water and keep the weed growth at bay.

Another good mix to do is an onion and tomato mix. Onions are awesome because they repel the slugs. Potatoes and horseradish are good companions, as well. Horseradish is good for protecting the potatoes from infestations and diseases.

No matter what you do, make sure that you are happy doing it. Gardening can bring joy to your soul. You can get some additional information about planting vegetable gardens at the library or online.

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