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House Training A Dog

House Training A Dog

While pet owners would find it convenient for their dog to use the toilet and flush after each use, that is not what potty pet training is all about. Instead, owners train their dogs to let them know when the animal needs to go outside and do his business. The procedure to potty train a dog is sometimes lengthy but worth the work in the end as it protects your home from damage due to the dog going potty inside.

The easiest way to house train your dog is with newspapers. Owners often complain of dogs that go potty in the house, simply do not know better. Owners sometimes make the pet stay outside for hours but as soon as they come back into the house, the dog goes potty. Often the animal chooses a location where you cannot observe them.

The issue is made worse by pet owners that punish their pet after catching him going potty inside the house. This is counterproductive. While you need to catch your dog in the act, rubbing his nose in the mess does not help. In order to train your dog properly, he must learn to trust you, and this type of punishment just instills fear into him.

While there are several steps to potty training a dog, the first is teaching him to go on command. If you can train your dog to eliminate in the house, you can eventually teach him to do his business outside. Select an appropriate area in the house, near the back door, and cover the area with newspaper. Take the dog there every 45 to 60 minutes and tell him to “Go potty” or use your own command.

Eventually, he will do his business, but you need to keep your eyes on him when he is inside until he goes. This allows you to move him immediately to the paper and praise him when he does what you want. In order to succeed, you must be diligent in the process. Once he learns your command, take him outside and tell him to go there instead of on the paper. Soon, he will be a pro at going outside.

Potty training a dog can also help with other issues, including submissive urinating. Submissive urination can be a big problem, even if the dog is going outside the house. It occurs when the dog meets a person he knows or likes and becomes so excited that he empties his bladder, sometimes while lying on his back to expose his belly. This is not good for the person he meets or the dog and can be embarrassing for the owner. With proper potty training, the dog knows he should only release on your command.

If you spend the time and are vigilant, it is possible to train your dog. House training is just one of the steps toward maturity in your pet’s life. Once he goes potty outside the house and you provide praise and treats, he learns this pleases you. In order to make you happy, he is more likely to go potty only on your command.

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House Training A Dog

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