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Having Chickens As Pets

Chickens are social creatures and have a domestic appeal to them that can make them excellent pets at home. In the past, chickens were raised for meat or for producing eggs.

However, in recent times people have developed a sense of kinship with the poultry in the same way as they would with common pets such as dogs or cats. Keeping pet chickens can be a rewarding hobby as well as a relaxing and fun activity for the entire family.

Local zoning laws

However, since certain countries do not allow the housing of “farm animals” checking with the local zoning laws of your area is highly recommended before you start keeping pet chickens at home.

After the verification is done, ensure that you pick a particular breed of chickens that you would like to have as you constant feathery companions.

Breed of pet chicken

To choose the right kind of breed of pet chicken, study the different types of chicken breeds and chose the one that best suits your preference. Chickens are available in different varieties (high tales, feather — legged and a bushy tail) and colors (gold, red, spotted or brown).

Remember, just like other pets, chickens too need to be nurtured and well fed. So, when getting one as a pet, always choose the one that will get all your love and attention.

If you have children to who hang around the chicken coop, it is highly recommended that you choose the smaller breed of chickens- bantam chickens.

Having smaller chickens can help children have a friendlier equation with the pet chickens as they would do with other smaller pets like cats and rabbits, and not get frightened o f them.

One of the best options to get pet chicken is to get them young, preferably a one-day-old chick. Getting a young chick gives the bird ample time to get domesticated and not fly the coop. In addition, the bird gets accustomed to being handled by people and do not harm those who try to get close to them.

When compared to cockerels, hens are considered better pets because they are not only more docile in nature, but also provide a steady supply of eggs without any fertilization requirements. It is important to note that sexing the chickens is not easy. So, if you are not trained on doing it on yourself, taking the help of a “chick sexer” is advisable.

Providing space

Always keep your chickens in an area that can allow them to move around freely. In addition, since chickens tend to roost and sleep on elevated surfaces, setting up perches is also essential. Chickens also love to scratch and dig their feet into the ground. Therefore, ensure that you scatter some on the ground surface.

Feeding your pet chickens with special treats (fish, worms or table leftovers) on your hand helps tame them as they grow. In fact, feeding them regularly makes them associate you with a source of food and makes them clutter in anticipation every time you appear before them.
Keeping chickens at home is a low- maintenance affair.

Having these little birds as pets is not only a great way of getting a step closer to sustainable living but also allows you to have friends for life.

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