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Growing Container Plants With Children

Growing Container Plants With Children

Just because you want to garden with your kids doesn’t mean you need a yard for it. Growing plants in container is a definite option here as long as you know what plants this works well for. It’s also important to choose ones your children will enjoy.

Fortunately, almost every herb and vegetable imaginable grows well in a container. You simply need to find one that’s big enough. However, it’s important you find ones that are also kid friendly. With this in mind, here are 10 great plants that grow in containers and are also kid friendly.


Tomatoes are the most popular choice when it comes to growing fruits and vegetables in containers. This is because they grow easily – even in hanging baskets or upside down. All they need is good soil and the right amount of water and they’ll grow well.


Another vegetable that’s really easy to grow and that’ll grow almost anywhere are potatoes. All you need is a big tub or compost bag.


A little trickier to grow, cucumbers can grow in containers. You need the right conditions, which include warm temperatures. This is why you need to plant them in the beginning of summer for the best results.


Really simple to grow, even in containers, carrots make a great starter vegetable for children.


In the right conditions, blueberries grow well in containers. When it’s warm, like in the summer months, carrots ripen well. They need rain water, which is why it’s best to grow them outdoors unless you can collect the rain water and bring them to you. Tap water isn’t good for them.


This grows really well in window boxes. It also needs heat and time for it to germinate. Make sure you’re also using a rich soil.


Plant this in your window box with the parsley. Just keep it out of the cold and away from the frost. It only takes a few weeks to germinate so it’ll grow faster than parsley.


The easiest vegetable to grow in a container, parsley is really good for first time gardeners.


Surprising but true, lettuce grows really well in containers. Make sure you give it some water in the morning and keep it in the shade. It won’t take long to grow. Your kids will enjoy it because it’s so easy to grow too.


You can plant more than fruits and vegetables in your containers. Consider planting some flowers as well. Children will enjoy cultivating things like geraniums, sunflowers, petunias, and mums because they’re really easy to grow and they also look really pretty once they do.

Regardless of what you decide to plant with your children, you’ll certainly have a lot of fun with your children and it’s educational for them too. Planting some type of garden is also a great way to get your kids to eat more vegetables. Allowing them an opportunity to get their hands dirty as they plant and harvest the food they eat is a great incentive, regardless of how picky of an eater your child is.

It doesn’t take much room to create a garden. Simply hang some tomatoes and herbs in your windows and include some containers of radishes and potatoes around your porch. Growing plants in containers is a great start for any child who wants to learn to garden or whom you want to encourage to try more fruits and vegetables.

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