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Gardening With Your Kids

Gardening With Your Kids

Including your children in chores and tasks that need to be carried out around the home is important, and that includes working in the garden. Whether you have a large landscaped area in front of your house or a compact vegetable garden at the back, gardening with kids is a great way to get them involved and to spend quality time together as a family.

First Thing To Consider When Gardening With Kids

If you have younger children, it is important to make sure that your garden is safe and accessible to them, and you should ensure that your kids cannot get hurt when helping outdoors with you. You should also be careful that you don’t have any plants that are potentially dangerous or poisonous if your plan is to allow your younger kids to work in the garden with you.

Consider your kids and how they might be using that space if you are designing your garden and planning its overall look. Of course, safety is the biggest concern if you have younger children who will be regularly using the garden, although you may also want to base your design around whether they will be playing, running around or simply relaxing in the space.

Of course, water features such as ponds or fountains can present an obvious danger if you are gardening with kids, and you may want to avoid these, or modify them for maximum safety. Regardless of how old your children are, they should feel safe in areas that have different heights and potentially present a falling hazard, such as walls, steps or a deck.

Gardening With Small Children At Home

It is still possible to enjoy an attractive and well-planned garden if you have small children at home, although it often means getting creative. One approach if you have the space to play with is to incorporate a kid friendly smaller area within your overall garden design, and have it secluded somewhat from the rest of the area.

Most children love to help, and encouraging them to help is an effective way of getting them involved in your garden and its upkeep. Most kids will enjoy a sense of pride and achievement if they are entrusted with an important task or responsibility, and younger children, in particular, enjoy being asked to help.

When your children assist you in the garden, it is also the perfect opportunity to instruct them or teach them about plants, insects, and gardening in general. Preparing the soil to plant flowers is one of the most important tasks in any garden, and this is a good place to start to educate your children on the various elements that are needed for healthy and beautiful plants, and the ongoing work needed for them to thrive.

Older Children Can Get Creative When Involved In Gardening

Older children can benefit from helping with drawing up a shopping list of tools and other items needed for the garden or helping to create a design on paper. If your children are too young for this, they may be happy to play around in the soil with a shovel and bucket, after you have explained the basics of good gardening to them.

If you feel your children will get something out of the experience, taking them shopping for gardening items is also an easy way to encourage them to become involved and take an interest in your garden. Explaining the difference between different plants and how they are cared for can make the shopping trip more enjoyable and educational.

Planting and watering your flowers are the next two steps, and most kids like to get involved in this process, as it gives them an excuse to play around with water. Other essential tasks can be entrusted to older children once they are comfortable with the concept of caring for a garden.

Gardening with kids can be fun and rewarding, regardless of how old they are and you may even find they are caring for their own patch of garden before long.

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Gardening With Your Kids

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