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Gardening: Low Maintenance Ideas For Busy Households

Gardening can be a rewarding experience for the entire family. It is a great activity through which family members of all ages can bond. Parents can use gardening as a way to teach their children about their environment and the importance of caring for the same.

Admittedly, some kinds of gardening can be time-consuming, and families may feel they do not have the time for the same. Thankfully, there are less time-consuming, low-maintenance gardening ideas that families can opt for. We look at a few of these below.

3 Low-maintenance Gardening Ideas For Families

1. A Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed is one of the easiest, no-fuss, gardening options for busy families. To start, one simply has to choose a designated area for the garden bed. You can choose to use a deck or patio space, space in the yard, or any other space you have available.

This is where your raised garden will be placed, and the area to where your family will restrict their gardening activities. Keep a watering can nearby your bed, and be sure to plant hardy perennials. Hardy perennials are very low-maintenance while providing you with all the benefits of gardening they wish to enjoy.

2. Windowsill Herb Garden

Another option that can help parents pass gardening tips to their children is that of a windowsill herb garden. This option takes up very little space and is a simple and easy way to learn about how plants grow.

Herb gardens are also not very time-consuming and are fairly inexpensive. Best of all, Windowsill herb gardens are useful, as the herbs can be used in the kitchen, depending on the kinds of herbs opted for.

In addition to learning about gardening and planting in general, a windowsill herb garden can help children and their parents to share the knowledge about various herbs, how they can be used, and more.

Some herbs are great for cooking, some for teas and more. Still, even if some of the herbs in your herb garden cannot be used for any of the aforementioned purposes, they are likely to look and smell great on your windowsill.

3. Family Cactus Garden

A cactus garden is a fun and creative way for the entire family to garden together. It does not take a lot of time, children can paint colorful, uniquely designed flower pots, and really express their creativity.

To start your cactus garden, you can start by getting flower pots that can easily be painted by the children. Secondly, opt for cacti of different sizes, colors, and sizes, to add variety to your garden.

Care must be taken with a cactus garden because of the possibility of being stuck by prickles. As such, wear thick gloves and handle cacti with care. Thankfully, daily maintenance is not needed and blooming cacti are recommended as they can be enjoyed seasonally.

Taking The Family Gardening To Another Level With A Family Tree

Planting a family tree is an activity the family can do together. Although it takes a bit of pre-planning, one can plant a tree at any given time. Simply start by deciding what tree you are planting. Take a trip to a nearby nursery to speak with an attendant about ideas for trees you can plant.

Once you have decided on the perfect tree for your project, allow your children to choose where it can be planted, and even make them dig the hole. From there, a watering schedule can be used to decide which member of the family will water the tree going forward, and when. This is basically the maintenance needed.

In addition to being low-maintenance and fun, a family tree can go on to be something that future generations can enjoy and in this way speaks to legacy.

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