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Raw Fish For Pets

Common sense would make us believe that dogs that currently live with us, like pets, are as far from wolves as our tabby from the Bengal tiger. Eventually, their metabolism and bodies began to get used to our diet, which was fed by cliffs from our tables for thousands of years. More recently, dog food has become commercially available, leading to the fact that now they have been used to treat food products like humans.
If you are a dog lover, you sure want only the best menu for your dog, right like Raw fish for pets? There are a lot of dog foods available commercially but are these foods beneficial to your best buddy? How about feeding your dog with the controversial raw dog food? If you are still undecided regarding what food you would give your pet, this article will give you an idea of the benefits you could get when feeding your dogs homemade food. 

A refined, processed diet is probably not the best diet for a dog, regardless of the breed, just as an exquisite, processed diet is not for us. When we hurt ourselves, using processed foods and handing them over to our dogs, we also hurt them.

Numerous reports have shown that raw fish for pets works wonders for a dog, improving health, energy levels, a shinier coat and soothing the nervous, digestive system. You can feed a healthy and varied raw fish for pets, subject to taking certain precautions.

The basics of raw fish for domestic animals

Even high-quality commercial pet food is not optimally absorbed by animals; In fact, less than 50% of its nutritional value is absorbed. Compare this with the rate of absorption of a 95% balanced diet of raw fish, and you will understand why so many dog owners are delighted with this.

You must follow certain rules. For example, do not feed raw fish for pets with an immune problem. Do not feed large chunks of raw Chihuahua fish. Dogs of small breed need only eat raw meat and bones, which correspond to their small teeth.

In fact, all dogs should gradually adapt to the whole raw diet, chopping meat and bones for the first two weeks, and it is best to increase the amount of raw fish gradually, starting at about 25%. Add digestive enzymes to the diet to facilitate the change.


A typical raw diet can also include green and yellow vegetables such as squash, apples, watermelon, but avoid cruciferous vegetables, as dogs experience difficulties in digesting them. Pork, fish bones and seed salmon should also be avoided. To ensure the satisfaction of all nutritional needs, once a week yogurt, potatoes, and oatmeal can be added to the diet. Dogs with special needs, such as puppies and dogs that just had them, will have an amazing amount on a diet with raw food.

The cost involved

You can save up when you buy raw foods because they are less expensive than the commercially available ones. Take note that this menu could lessen foul odor of dogs and could clean up their teeth naturally. When you opt to use them for feeding your dogs, you are hitting more than two birds using one stone.

Another good thing about the raw menu is that because they are usually prepared whole and bony, there is enough time for the dog to crush their food giving enough time for their stomach to digest what they have eaten.

Commercial pet foods can sometimes be problematic

Commercial foods offer a high tendency to cause dog arthritis. Also, it makes your beloved pets less energetic. You can just imagine your dogs only lying on the floor seeming uninterested to everything. Good thing because it was found out that switching to raw foods reduced this degenerative disease to dogs. Thus, minimize, and if possible do not give your pets a commercially made menu.

This is only one of the benefits of feeding your best buddy a raw dog food. Most dog lovers prefer homemade meals compared to commercial ones. Like people, if you feed your pets with the same food all week, they will lose interest in food. Some of them will choose to starve. After all, when they continue to avoid the products that you offer them, they will grow fragile, and of course, there is a big tendency that your best pet will die of hunger. Already now try to avoid.

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