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Fast And Easy Tips For Growing An Herb Garden With Kids

Fast And Easy Tips For Growing An Herb Garden With Kids

Getting your kids involved in your herb gardening project can be a very rewarding and educational experience for them. If you lack the space and time to cultivate a massive garden, there are plenty of alternatives. For instance, you might try herb gardening with your kids.

There are many different ways to plant an herb garden. One of the oldest and best-known strategies is to simply fill a container or pot with quality potting soil. Then, you can add a few seeds that you’ve purchased at a local garden center, department store or grocery store to get things started. You should only put a limited number of seeds in each pot before covering these with approximately one inch of potting soil. Be careful when watering your new plants as you don’t want the seeds to be uncovered. From this point, you’ll just need patience and regular watering and you’ll have herbs within just a few weeks.

If you want to make things even easier, there are certainly ways to go about it. For instance, you might try purchasing an herb kit. With an herb kit, you’ll get a small, plastic greenhouse, little-growing pads and a number of seeds. Kits like these also include detailed directions that list out all of the required steps. This is so simple that kids are often able to handle it with little to no adult supervision. 

Kits can be used to sprout herb plants and then grow them to a specific size before they need to be transplanted into a mid-size pot. It’s usually best to have a single plant in every small to medium-sized pot. There are even special herb pots that you can pick up at garden stores and these have openings at their tops and around their sides for growing multiple herbs in a single container. When it comes to transplanting growing herbs, kids often need help given that young plants are prone to snapping.

Purchasing a garden in a bag is also a very easy way to start growing herbs. There are many gardens in a bag that you can choose from, including herb gardens. These bags have everything you need to get started – all you have to do is add water. You can use the bag both as a pot for sprouting your herbs and as a bag for growing them. There is none of the mess of filling a pot and you don’t have to worry about dirtying your hands. You can purchase a garden in a bag online or at a gardening store.

If you aren’t interested in sprouting herbs from seeds, you can also purchase plants that are fully grown. Herb plants are offered year-round at a lot of gardening stores and there are even a number of supermarkets that offer a variety of herb plants as well. The only thing your kids will need to do is to keep the herbs in a sunny space and water them on a regular basis. This is actually the easiest way to grow an herb garden. You can use fresh herbs to add flavors to your cooking.

Kids can easily take care of an herb garden and this can also be a wonderful addition to your home. Herb gardens are filled with lovely fragrances and they add a lot of beneficial nutrients to your diet. Chefs throughout the world swear by fresh herbs and a lot of dietitians and nutritionists will tell you all about the amazing nutrients in herbs and how good these can be for human health. Herbs are not all that difficult to grow so long as they’re given plenty of sunlight, regular water and plant food given that they’ll do just fine in almost any spot that is sufficiently warm.

Let your kids join in and try to make the entire project as educational and fun as possible and they’ll definitely thank you later on. Gardening, even if it’s a simple as growing an herb in a pot can be very enriching for a child.

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Fast And Easy Tips For Growing An Herb Garden With Kids

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