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Family Friendly Gardening Crafts

Family Friendly Gardening Crafts

You and the kids have been working in the garden all day. On the other hand, maybe the rain has stopped you from working in it at all. Then again, perhaps your seeds and plantings are all in place and now its time to add some excitement to this wonderful space. Here are some family-friendly gardening crafts to try. Below are som fun craft ideas that can bring some of the outdoors inside.

Hairy Hairy Caterpillar

For a fun and educational activity, read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then make this. This caterpillar is made from grass. Just mix some grass seeds with potting soil and pour the entire mixture into an old knee-high nylon stocking. Use ponytail holders to make five segments of your caterpillar by sectioning off the nylon filled with the seed mixture.

Before placing this in a plastic bag, soak it in water for 10 minutes and then remove. Leave it in the plastic bag until the next day. After removing it from the bag, use some pipe cleaners for antennae and googly eyes to give it character. Sit the caterpillar on a plate and place it in a window. Add water every other day and before long grass will start sprouting and it will become a hairy, grass covered caterpillar.

Spider Web Sun Catcher

A sun catcher spider web will look great in your garden. Create an eye-catching web using nylon jewelry wire, bamboo sticks, and beads. Start by wrapping jewelry wire at the center of five bamboo sticks. Tie this off and then spread the sticks into the shape of an asterisk.

Begin making the web by wrapping another length of wire around one stick a few inches from the center of the asterisk. Add some beads to the wire and do the same with each stick around. Trim the ends of the wire before doing the same thing further out from the center of each stick. Each layer of wire should be a few inches from the one before it until you have created a spider web effect.

If you like, create a spider to add to the web using wire and some of the beads. Of course, you could just leave it like it is and hang in your garden to watch as the light catches the beads and wire.

Paint Rocks

You may have a collection of rocks already, or find them in your yard. Paint these decoratively and place them in your garden.

Garden Preservation

There’s no reason to say goodbye to your garden at the end of the season. Preserve leaves and flower petals from your plants by pressing them between book pages and use these throughout the year to stamp shapes onto note cards.

Heavy items such as phone books and dictionaries are ideal for pressing petals and leaves, but place a sheet of paper between them and the pages first and allow them to remain in the book for several weeks. When you are ready to decorate using these preserved items, make a mixture of half glue and half water and use to affix them to the paper. Brush another layer of this mixture over the top of the leaves or petals and let dry.

Bird Feeder In The Backyard

There are numerous designs you can use to create a nice bird feeder for your backyard. A favorite of many is to use pine cones for family-friendly gardening crafts. Start with a pine cone and add peanut butter to the entire surface. Next, roll this around in some bird seed. You could even mix the bird seed with the peanut butter before adding it to the pine cone if you like.

A 1-liter soda bottle and two wooden spoons is another idea for creating a bird feeder. For this idea, make a couple of holes at the bottom of the bottle on each side. Insert the wooden spoons into the holes and using a small eye screw attach them to the top. Fill the bottle with fresh bird seed and put the cap back on the bottle. Hang your bird feeder wherever you like in the garden.

With so many family-friendly gardening crafts to think of, you and the kids can stay busy having fun and learning new things all year round.

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Family Friendly Home Gardening Crafts

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