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Eight Wonderful Herbs That Busy Gardeners Can Plant In Small Containers

Eight Wonderful Herbs That Busy Gardeners Can Plant In Small Containers

Every home and every cook can benefit from the addition of herbs. Fresh herbs are tasty and they’re also incredibly fragrant and healthy. These tend to hold far more essential nutrients than traditional vegetables and they can also be grown with ease. If you think that you’re too busy to start your own herb garden, you may want to think again.

The herbs that people use the most often in cooking are also among the easiest to grow. These herbs can be planted right in containers and you can keep them in a warm, sunny spot while watering them regularly in order to create lush, fragrant and bright green plants. Growing your own herbs can be a very simple process and there are also countless kits that will make these efforts even easier for those who are constantly on the go.

There are herbs that can be planted solely for the purpose of cooking with them and there are also options that are intended solely for ornament. Among these are parsley, basil, chives, rosemary, sweet marjoram and lavender.

A lot of recipes involve the use of these herbs and once they’ve been allowed to reach their maximum height, you can harvest your herbs and you can prune them all throughout the season.

You can sprout every one of these herbs from seeds using the pots you wish to grow them in, or you can invest in starter soil and special peat pellets. There are even a number of garden centers that sell small greenhouses made of plastic that will make the seeds sprout more rapidly so that you have a young, tender plant within the most nominal amount of time – so long as you’re diligent in your efforts to ensure regular watering and care.

If you plan on planting any one of these eight herbs in containers, always use a high-quality potting soil. When you use the right soil, regular watering and the addition of feed will give you hearty herbs that are easy to grow and maintain, which is why these are the ideal herbs for those who are much too busy for traditional herb growing methods.

You can even buy these herbs as part of a growing kit. The kit will contain all that you need for starting seeds and sprouting the actual plants. Among some of the things that this kit might include are a greenhouse-like container, seeds for various herbs, peat pellets, and in-depth instructions or a step-by-step guide. It is so easy to follow these instructions and grow herbs with these types of kits that even kids can do it.

The garden-in-a-bag is just as easy to use as a herb seed kit. Gardens in bags have everything that consumers need right in a simple bag that can be used as the plant container. A mix of fertilizer and soil will already be in the bag along with the necessary seeds. All you have to do is add water and you’ll have flourishing herbs in almost no time at all. You can keep your herbs in the bag rather than investing in a pot or any other special herb container. These bags are suitable for placing right on counters or they can be hung like garden baskets or hanging gardens.

If you’re short on time and don’t want to wait for seeds to start sprouting and for these to turn into growing plants, you also have the option of visiting a garden center to invest in a herb plant that’s fully grown. There are even supermarkets that currently offer a variety of herbs like chives, parsley, and basil that grow as fresh plants in their produce sections. There was also a recent addition to the herb market of a hydroponics basil that grows in water and doesn’t need to be moved to soil for quite a few weeks.

As such, irrespective of how busy your life may be, you should still be able to grow any one or more of these eight herbs in containers for ongoing enjoyment or for regular use in cooking.

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Eight Wonderful Herbs That Busy Gardeners Can Plant In Small Containers

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