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Effective Dog Training Aids

Effective Dog Training Aids

There are many types of dog training aids available, and if you have previously dismissed these as being a waste of time and money, you may want to think again as they really can work. Whether you are trying to teach your dog agility, or simply trying to improve obedience, these aids can be effective when you choose the right ones.

Unless your dog just doesn’t like to eat dog treats, small treats, such as pieces of meat or other food, can be one of the most effective training aids and a reward for positive behavior. One of the benefits of using treats as a training aid is that it won’t cost you very much.

Anti-Bark Collar

If you are training your dog to be agiler, you should not be surprised if he barks constantly, and this can be an issue with many dogs, largely because of the attention they are receiving. You may want to purchase and use an anti-bark collar, and you should be assured that these collars are perfectly humane and not at all cruel, as is sometimes perceived. If your dog barks when wearing the collar, it will either shoot water into his face or administer a tiny electric shock. The collars are affordable, effective and easy to find online or at your local pet supply store. See How To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking…

Dog Clicker

A fairly new dog training aid is called the dog clicker, which works by allowing your dog to associate the clicking sound with the command to sit, instead of you having to say it. The clicker doesn’t punish your dog; instead, he should be rewarded with dog treats during the training. If you own a larger dog such as a Rottweiler or a German shepherd, you may want to use a harness as an obedience training aid. It fits over your dog’s upper body and you can pull him back completely when needed, with just a small pull on the harness.


Other effective, yet simple dog training aids may work – you just have to try them to see what is best for you and your dog. Training your dog can be a chore, and it can test your patience; the selection of dog training aids available can really make a big difference and turn the experience into a positive one. If you haven’t tried these tools yet, it may be time to take a look at the range of aids available to help you and your dog.

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Effective Dog Training Aids

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