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Dog Training Equipment To Consider

Dog Training Equipment To Consider

Dogs are our faithful companions, and they have been for thousands of years, and one of the main reasons why is that dogs are extremely intelligent animals, dogs are “trainable.” Over the years tons and tons of different, cool dog training equipment have been invented and, of course, used, to help us train our companions to do a wide variety of tasks.

The Use Of Dogs

Originally dogs were used as herders, hunting dogs, guard dogs; you get the idea. We relied on our dogs for our livelihood back then, however as times have changed and modern society has formed now most of us have a different relationship with our dogs–they are our pets. But, one thing hasn’t changed, our dogs still need to be trained, even if they are not a full fledged attack dog, they still need to know where the potty is and how to be walked on a leash.

The on training item that everyone needs is the simple leash, in many areas it is the law that your dog be leashed, and it’s simply good for the dog’s safety and other people’s as well. It’s very important that we all train our dogs to obey simple commands; otherwise, the dog will begin to run the show creating a true “bizarre-o world,” and that’s just not going to fly.

Some Of The Reasons Dogs Are Trained

Some dogs are trained for a specific purpose; hunting dogs may need a check cord for training to help them and us with the hunt. Attack dogs will need a wide array of training equipment to get them ready for the job, or rather, we will need it to train them, things like bite sleeves or bite suits for example.

Guard dogs need to be trained to attack, and we need to protect ourselves in the process, or it would be an impossible task. Some of these more fiercely trained guard dogs may need a muzzle to keep them calm and quiet, that is yet another piece of popular training equipment. In fact, some younger and louder dogs may need a muzzle especially if the neighbors are a bit sensitive and you live in the city. Hopefully, it’s just temporary.

Choke collars are considered cruel by many, and they certainly aren’t for most people, these types of training collars, however, may be necessary for certain dogs, especially if they are overly aggressive; remember dogs still have a very wild streak in them. A dog harness tough may be a better and nicer alternative to the choke collar; it’s up to the discretion of the trainer at the end of the day.

Some Of The Necessary Dog Training Equipment 

Interestingly enough, there is even doggie workout equipment these days, you might be surprised at all the different kinds of dog training equipment that you can find; it’s pretty amazing what people are conjuring up. Humans and dogs are friends and companions (hopefully always will be), and the equipment that we use helps us in our ever growing and changing relationships.

A clicker is also effective when training your dog. Clickers are small, toy-like devices that provide clear and distinct sounds used to either praise or reprimand your dog. If you have problems with the tone of your voice when training-maybe due to fatigue or frustration-you can opt to use a clicker.

Dogs respond to the clicker through their associative way of thinking. When giving the dog his training orders, you can opt to click once for a positive behavior and reinforce it with a treat. Clicking the device twice and not following it with a treat reinforces to your dog that he displeased you. Do this technique every time you train him and pretty soon, he will catch up to the idea and know what it is you want him to do.

The Mobility Of Dog Training Equipment

Most dog training equipment is composed of small and lightweight gadgets you can take almost anywhere. The idea is that the pet owner can move around with his dog and the gear he bought to help him train him. Gadgets are available for different training purposes, such as house, agility or obedience training.

The first step in your evaluation of these gadgets should always research. Browse around the stores and online websites for information on what’s available in the market. Ask your friends and relatives, anyone with previous experience can end up saving you a lot of money. Remember, shopping around is not only productive for finding the lowest price, but more importantly, it serves you as a consumer to gather information and make an informed decision at the time of deciding for any given product. 

What About Training Equipment Related To Obedience Classes

For example, for obedience classes, you might find items like clicker boxes, extensive leashes and make believe snacks for praises. There are also some other high-end items for stubborn dogs, like electric shock collars and kennels. However, you are best advised to consult your veterinarian before submitting your dog to any extreme situations. For agility training, the gear is a lot less common. These would include things like small cones for obstacle courses, ramps, and portable pole sets for your dog to jump over.

The Beauty Of Dog Training

Dog training can be a fun activity as well. Playing games with your dog will tighten your relationship with him and work on obedience training at the same time. A simple example would the Frisbee, something you can use to engage in dog games and teach at the same time. Every time you throw a Frisbee near your dog, he will most likely go for it and try to catch it, the trick is to make him bring it back at your command. 

Some pet owners may consider dog training equipment to be a waste of time and money. But again, maybe the demand on their dog isn’t as high. Pet owners demanding a higher level of training, or who is in charge of a stubborn and hard to train dog may consider dog training equipment a real blessing. After all, the gadgets available for dog training have all been made with the intention of making your job easier. 

Pet owners need not think of this gear as being for competition purposes only. It can very well be used simply for fun, making the time you spend training your dog more enjoyable. Remember dog training is only about making your dog obey your commands, but building a closer relationship with him.

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Dog Training Equipment That You Need To Properly Train Your Dog

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