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Dog Obedience – The Comprehensive Behavior Training Guide


Do you currently own a dog? Have you ever considered dog obedience training or behavior training? Although you might think that this is a daunting task, contrary to popular belief, dog training isn’t all that complex – in fact, it’s quite easy to do. This is even something that you can handle on your own. Conducting your own training will help you build a better bond with your dog. You simply need to invest the necessary time and effort in this process.

To keep everything as easy as possible, here is a brief yet comprehensive guide to dog obedience and behavior training. The tips that follow are applicable to all dog breeds, whether they’ll be used in working, leisure, sporting or competitions. These are principles that you need to know and use in order to get worthwhile results for your efforts.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is critical during training, especially if your goal is to amend unpleasant or unsafe behaviors in your animal. To be consistent, make sure to use the same commands for each task that you want your pet to perform. Avoid causing confusion by using all new commands for the same task.

Moreover, establish a few house rules and make sure that your dog understands what these are. You will soon find that your pet listens without any real trouble.

Proper Timing Is Important

Timing is incredibly important as well. It plays a major role in determining whether or not you’re successful in your efforts to train your pet. Always praise your dog when he or she does something correctly. Issue reprimands when mistakes are made. This shows your dog which actions and behaviors are acceptable and which are not. There are two ways to reprimand your canine companion. First, you can correct your animal on the spot. Second, you can simply ignore your dog as he or she approaches. Both of these ways signify that a specific type of behavior is unacceptable.

Give The Proper Amount Of Attention

Much like humans, dogs love and need attention. Unfortunately, however, they may have a hard time understanding the difference between negative and positive attention. What they know is that if certain actions garner the attention they want, they will perform these actions again and again.

As a pet owner, you should never show your dog attention when he or she exhibits bad behaviors. Keep your pet in the crate when he or she starts groaning or chase after your pet when he or she picks your socks up. These responses will show which behaviors are positive and should be repeated and which are not.

This basically means that you should only give your dog attention for good behavior. Good behavior can also be rewarded with prizes and treats.

Get In The Right Mood

You also have to focus on the task at hand. Dog behavior and obedience training requires a lot of patience and so you have to be in the right frame of mind. Don’t start training your animal if impaired by drugs or alcohol or if you’re moody and upset.

All dogs need dog obedience training. So be sure to use these tips to teach your animal good behavior!

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The Comprehensive Behavior Training Guide Concerning Dog Obedience

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