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Do-It-Yourself Tips For A Raised Garden Bed For An Organic Garden

Do-It-Yourself Tips For A Raised Garden Bed For An Organic Garden

One of the most fulfilling things that a gardener can do is to grow their own food successfully. If you want to create a garden that is both beautiful and that can provide your family with delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you need to create the perfect growing space.

You can obtain a yield from your garden the best way by growing your crop in a raised garden bed. Fortunately, do-it-yourself raised beds are easier and less expensive than you might think. Below is the step by step instructions that you will need to create a raised bed for your organic garden.

Building Do-It-Yourself Raised Garden Beds

The first thing that you need to do is select a location for your raised bed. Next, you need to decide how you are going to form the sides of the bed. There are plenty of sustainable, low-cost options that you can use. While you can buy ready made raised bed kits, you really don’t need to.

You can do it on your own. The key is to find materials that are readily available to you. Raised garden beds can be made with a variety of materials. You might even have some of these materials somewhere around your home or yard.

You can create your raised garden bed using scrap wood that you might have from other building projects. You could also have extra brick or stone from these projects. You can also dig up stones around the garden area to create your raised bed.

You can even use household waste to create the framework for the bed. For example, you can create a beautiful surround using glass bottles. You just need to put them upside down into the soil.

Filling Your Raised Bed

There are many gardeners who will spend a great deal of time preparing the planting area. They will dig up the turf, they will weed and double dig. All of this work is not necessary.

Whether you are going to be building your raised bed on the lawn or on hard standing, you don’t need to dig. DIY raised garden beds can be created without disturbing the soil underneath and without breaking your back.

Many gardeners create their beds in layers, the same way that you would make a lasagna. Start with a layer of cardboard laid directly into the frame that you created.

Next, put layers of garden waste, such as grass clipping, pruned cuttings, and whatever else you can find in the yard. You can even use vegetable scraps. All of these materials will compost when they are in place.

If you have rotting logs or pieces of wood, they can be placed in dry areas to add moisture. On the top of your raised bed, you should add compost. This is where your seedlings will be planted or your seeds will be sown.

If you are an eco-friendly family and you have already been making compost, you can do the whole thing at no charge. If you have not yet started composting, you should now. You can use the compost as a mulch on the top of your beds when the levels start to drop.

Stocking Your Raised Bed

Now that your raised bed had been built and filled, it is time to start planting. If you are creating an organic raised bed, mixed planting works best. You can create a good polyculture with plants that work well with one another.

It is best to plant perennial vegetables and fruits that will provide food year after year. This makes for a low maintenance edible garden.

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DIY Pointers Regarding Raised Garden Bed For An Organic Garden

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