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Creating And Nurturing Vegetable Gardens

Planting and creating a garden of vegetables takes time, effort and creativity. Cultivating the land is only one aspect of creating your garden. While a vegetable garden should have a functional structure it is also important for your enjoyment and mental well-being that it look good so it instills a good feeling in you. It’s important to feel that you have created something for mental satisfaction. An example could be tomato enclosures or decorative arches, that not only enhance the appearance of your garden but are functional as well.

Function Can Be Pleasing

Strive to use garden structures with a form that are able to maintain and sustain your plants and vegetables. This means they give them space to grow and climb but they also can stand the weight of the plants as they grow and flower.

In the essence of frugality and getting the most out of your garden, using poles and cages that allow you to grow your garden vertically is a must. This allows you to have more growth and production per square foot.

In addition to getting space so you can plant and produce more vegetables, some vegetables are going to be more productive with a vertical support. Vegetables such as peas, eggplant, peppers and cucumbers need a lot of attention to grow and be prolific.

The vertical structure allows them to be kept safe from insects because they’ll be above the soil. Plus being above the soil will mean less chance to rot. Make sure that support structures have stakes that are strong enough as well as strong cages so you can have plants that are tall and healthy. Besides, this can help free up your time to be able to plant more vegetables. If you are not having to constantly battle insects or rot that is.

Structure Choice

There’s a lot of choices these days with choosing what structure you want to use. Sometimes this can be good but sometimes too much choice can make things overwhelming. If you are going to do your shopping online which gives you much more choices than having a good online resource is important. Make sure you check out a company called Garden Supply Company. They have a mail order catalog, which showcases their plant trellises, tomato cages, towers, spiral support gaples and any other structure you could think that you want to have.

Garden structures need to be versatile because of the variety of uses between form and function that garden growers need. You have the choice to not only have support but also to have your garden aesthetically pleasing. Obviously, the best type of garden is one that is good for the health of the plants but also aesthetically pleasing for the owner.

Form Can Be Pleasing

The good news here is there are so many choices when it comes to choosing functional structures for your garden that it’s a certainty you will find the form that you want. Any type of garden that you envision you want to create, you can. There are ornamental arches, trellises, archways, etc. to make the garden of your dreams. The sky is the limit depending on how much money you have to put into it.

If you’re interested you can even build doors and walls to encompass your garden for an even more beautiful look. If you choose to go this route you can actually use plants that are not vegetable producing, just for the looks, to drape over your trellis or your doorways. Use pretty flowers too. The flowers can do double duty and can attract insects useful for the growth of your garden.

An excellent example of a type of flower like this is a trumpet flower; they attract bees which are useful for a vegetable garden, and they are very beautiful. Since you want to attract creatures that are helpful, entice birds with a particularly delightful bird bath or a home for them in your garden. Organic gardening is especially prone to needing birds to help eliminate pests, to reduce the use of pesticides.

Make sure that you keep your garden enticing for helpful birds and insects. They will be sure to frequent your garden and pay it forward by eating any harmful pests for you.

Plant Support

Now that you’ve come this far, you want to make sure that you are building or buying the best plant supports that you can as your essential garden structures. Use them in the correct way to get the best results. Make sure that you know what to do and don’t just stick them in the ground and leave the plants on their own because that is not going to be enough.

You’re going to need materials such as jute cords, twine, and plant ties to make sure that you secure your plants to the poles and cages in the proper way. Probably means you cannot tie them too tight or you run the risk of harming them.

Stakes are an essential support for planting and supporting your vegetables. They have to be implanted into the ground in the right way and they have to be spaced properly as per the plants that you are going to be attaching to them. Additionally, if you are installing them after you already got your garden growing beware of plants that are already in your garden that you don’t drive stakes into their roots or hurt them in any way.

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