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Correcting Bad Behavior In Dogs

Correcting Bad Behavior In Dogs

There are many behaviors in dogs that are considered bad. Barking through the night and keeping you from sleeping is one. Dogs that nip or bite you or visitors are also an issue. Chewing your belongings instead of his toys is often an expensive bad behavior. If your dog exhibits any of these behaviors, he could benefit from behavior training. It takes very little to correct many of these actions.

While barking is often irritating, it is essential that you maintain control to stop it. If you yell at the dog, he simply tries to yell louder than you did. A better way is finding the cause of the bark. Some dogs bark out of fear while others bark due to happiness. He could be alerting you that someone is on your property. If there is no reason for the barking, he might not understand that you do not want him barking continually. Dog behavior training can help with the issue. You can use special tools, such as the bark activated collars that deliver a small electric shock as a reminder to keep quiet.

Biting is a serious behavior that you must stop your dog from doing, especially if you live in areas where a dog that bites someone is likely to be put to death. Teaching dogs to avoid biting is an important lesson for his safety and your liability. It requires you being firm and sticking with the training program until he gets it.

Dogs often gnaw or nip at your hands as an instinctive part of their play. In the pack, they often play using their mouths. When you are teaching a dog to stop biting, pet him using one hand and offer a rawhide treat or chew toy with the other. It does not take long for the dog to understand that your hands are not for biting. You will need to repeat this lesson many times for effectiveness.

If you are an experienced dog lover and have trained many puppies, dog behavior training may seem simple. However, if you are a beginner, you may need to seek help. Friends and family members can be helpful, but if you still experience problems with your dog, consider enrolling him in a behavior training class.

The class is an excellent place to meet new friends who are experiencing the same issues with their pets as you are. Remember, if you are having difficulty with your dog’s behavior, you are not alone. Every dog owner must deal with behavior problems at one time or another, and it is a simple matter of learning to fix the issues.

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Correcting Bad Behavior In Dogs

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