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Container Gardening: Easy Gardening For Busy People

If you love gardening but are too busy to invest time in your favorite hobby, try container gardening. Container gardening or pot gardening is the practice of growing plants exclusively in containers, instead of planting them in the ground. While weeding, tilling and growing plants in your backyard can be quite time-consuming, growing vegetables, flowers and herbs in a container is much quicker and easier way of growing plants in your home.

To begin with container gardening, all you need to have is a large sized container, good potting soil, and plants that you need to grow. To get started, fill the container halfway with soil. Now, carefully take out your plant out from their nursery pots and set it in the container and fill more soil around the plant.

However, while covering your plants with potting soil, ensure that you do not cover the crown (when the stem and roots meet). Pour water gradually in the container until it flows out the bottom of your pot. When watering for the first time, you may sometimes require adding more potting soil, if dents or holes appear.

Container gardening is one of the best options of gardening for time contained people. Since there are many vegetable plants that hardly require much care, planting such plants will not require much of your time. However, apart from quick watering of plants, there are certain things to be done when planning to set up a container garden.

Container gardening allows you to do gardening in the shortest available time. After choosing your vegetable, flower or herb plant, all you need to do is to water the plant regularly and keep your potting soil fertilized. However, if you do not have time to fertilize the soil on a regular basis, a good option would be to buy a power of liquid fertilizer that can be added to water. This will help you water your plants and add fertilizer to the soil simultaneously, helping you combine two tasks into one.

Since container gardening does not require you to weed, it helps save a lot of time. Using potting or gardening soil brought from a local garden center helps you have controlled soil that can prevent the growth of weeds in your container.

Growing vegetable plants in a container also require you to get some supports to help support the vegetables of your plant during the growing season. When buying vegetables plants get some plant stakes that can be inserted in the soil near the plant. During the growing season, when the plants produce vegetables, the stakes can be attached to the plant with some gardening wire or string for required support. Doing this task may take only a few minutes per plant and ensures that your crop is safe.

Another important thing that busy people can do to save time when doing container gardening is to make a list of essentials that may be required during the growing season. Keeping all the things required at hand before starting with container gardening will not help you stay organized with your gardening, but will also help you save time. Being prepared with all the accessories beforehand can be quite useful in helping you get your maintenance tasks quickly. Following this simple step can help busy people have a great crop towards the end of the growing season.

In addition, if you are running short of time and find it difficult to water your container plants, you can take the help of your family members. Preparing the watering in advance can make is easier for your family members or kids to water the plants on days you are busy or are out on a business trip. So what are you waiting for, get started with container gardening and feel proud of your achievement as you harvest the first vegetable you planted.

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