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Container And Raised Bed Gardening In Small Spaces

Container And Raised Bed Gardening In Small Spaces

Are you interested in establishing a garden of your own, but the space available is limited in size? Never give up on your dreams. A little creative ingenuity goes a long way in helping to set up an amazing garden regardless of the amount of space. And there are lots of ways of going about it. Let your genius take over when time and space are limited, and here are some suggestions to get you started. You actually can establish a great garden that you and your friends will enjoy.

Create A Garden Oasis In Decorative Containers

If you’ve heard people say that a garden must be expansive and include lots of plants and decorations, don’t listen to them. Honestly, with just a few garden planters strategically placed, your garden oasis will come alive. That means apartment dwellers with a little yard to speak of can have a wonderful garden and there are numerous easy ways of going about that. A small patio, rooftop or fire escape can be turned into a smaller version of a garden paradise.

Your choice of colorful or muted tone containers can be used as decorative planters. Make it more interesting by selecting various sizes to suit the growth of individual plants. Choose smaller ones for herbs, and large gallon containers for those that need more room to spread their roots stems and leaves.

Hardy perennials that need little care other than the occasional watering are perfect for anyone with little time. Container gardening has another benefit for those with a scarcity of space because the containers can be moved to different locations according to your wishes at various times. That is what makes for a truly unique garden.

How To Choose The Perfect Plants When Time And Space Is At A Premium

Choosing the right plants from the beginning is the best way to establish a time and space saving garden of your own. So, what plants are best for placing in a garden such as that? The ideal situation is to start with smaller plants that require little in the way of sun, water, pruning or other daily care. A cactus garden may be the solution for some and these succulents come in various colors and textures and many produce blooms.

There are several cacti that do quite well in container gardens and do not require a lot of tending. It is particularly important that they are well established in the container before placing them in a sunny location. Cacti are a diverse species of plants and any garden filled with their color and texture will be greatly appreciated by anyone entering the garden area of your home. Accent your cactus garden with an array of complimentary hardy perennials.

Turn Your Eyes Upward by Hanging Planters To Conserve Space

Let your eyes wander upwards and what do you see? An incredibly clever way to conserve space is to hang planters in numerous places. Installation of hanging planters is easy enough. Here again, a selection of sizes and planter design create variety in your garden. Most everyone can create a hanging garden regardless where they live, be that an apartment, condo or tiny house.

Adding a little decorative appeal to a backyard, patio or sunny spot inside your home is easily achieved with hanging planters. The list of hardy perennials is long that do well in hanging containers. When time is limited, it is best to choose plants that do not require daily watering. You’ll want to invest in a watering can specially designed for planter watering though to make things easier.

Grow Flowers And Fruits In Raised Beds

When working with poor soil or limited space, think about creating a raised bed. The size depends on how much space you have to devote to the task. It’s easy to control the plant environment and raised beds can be any shape or size you like. Even vegetables do well in these small gardens.

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